| 1 March 2024, Friday |

Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ source reveals Bassil’s interventions… Statement was drafted by son-in-law

Every minister in the government affiliated with the Free Patriotic Movement, takes his orders from Gebran Bassil in every situation, and away from the interest of Lebanon and its people. Starting From the Ministry of Energy, whose Minister Walid Fayyad continues to take instructions from Bassil, to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose minister is not good at drafting statements, so he uses Bassil’s letters and words.
Special sources confirm to the “Sawt Beirut International” website, that Bassil’s statement, that he was not satisfied with the Foreign Ministry’s statement on the Russian-Ukrainian war was a lie. As he reviewed the statement before it was issued, put the final touches on it, changed some phrases, and sent the final wording to Foreign Minister Bou Habib, who in turn implemented what was written to him and issued the statement as it came to him from Bassil..

The sources indicate that Bassil interferes in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with everything, and he inserted people and employees affiliated with him when he was at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and he is informed of all the data that the ministry is doing.

Even the statements that are issued about the relationship with the Arab and Gulf countries, Bassil supervises personally everything, and he formulates it according to his interests. If he wants something from Hezbollah, he issues the statement against the party and flirts with the Gulf state, and when he agrees with the party, he attacks the Gulf countries, according to the sources.

The sources add that “Bassil is the shadow minister at the foreign affairs, as well as Energy, as well as in Baabda, as he stands behind the issuance of all statements issued by Baabda, even some of which are not seen by President Michel Aoun.”

Regarding the statement issued about Ukraine, the sources continued, “Bassil insisted on issuing it this way, because he wants something from Hezbollah. At the same time, the statement falls under the category of flirting with Washington, that punished Bassil and cut off his dream of presidency. He is attacking Russia to tell America “I am with you In this war”, perhaps he can remove the sanctions, and this is impossible.”


  • Sawt Beirut International