| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Month of light turned to darkness, and Lebanon turned off its governmental lights.

It has become obvious  that the crisis of forming the new government has practically returned in recent days to the square of stalemate, with which the hopes that have been revived by the broad diplomatic move undertaken by the ambassadors of the United States, France, Britain and Saudi Arabia, as has been reported about a renewed initiative by the President House of Representatives Nabih Berri. This is because the established facts of the political and diplomatic developments that have taken place in recent days reflected, first of all, the exaggeration of rhetoric and bets on the initiative of Speaker Berri, especially through leaks that talked about a bargaining formula that was circulated between Berri and Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri that deals with expanding the government composition to 24 ministers and deals with amendments in portfolios and names without a disabled third for president Michel Aoun and his team. As it has been proven, these allegations are untrue, no indications have emerged regarding the movement of any new internal mediation in light of the very tense reality that arose after the explosion of the dispute between Presidents Aoun and Hariri, which will never be easy to overcome its repercussions in an attempt to revive any internal mediation before the escalating climate cools. Moreover, the most important and the worst is that the diplomatic move did not leave enough impressions about any  breakthrough, even  relatively , in shifting the covenant stance, precisely from two main issues, namely the abandonment of the obstructing third in the government, because despite the repeated denials of the covenant that it requires obtaining the obstructing third, all Evidence, papers and documents exchanged in the meetings and consultations proved that this third is a constant for the Covenant.

With a mixture of hope drenched in pain, Lebanese are still waiting for someone to rid them of the evils of the authority and its demons controlling the leadership of the country, on the course of an irreversible and inevitable “hellfire” of its accelerated steps towards hell No internal and external initiatives were able to breach the wall of the power-sharing conflict between the ruling parties. All the calls of the Maronite Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai to reconcile the differences and reconnect what was cut off between the president of the republic and the designated government in charge, with the intention of saving Lebanon and its people from the clutches of “this tragic situation,” were not heard. Al-Rai, and during Palm Sunday sermon, condemned “every political official” responsible for bringing the country to this state. He distanced himself and the patriarchal statement from supporting “an authority that intentionally refrains from respecting the constitutional entitlement and obstructs the formation of governments.

On the eve of the House of Representatives session to approve an advance of $ 200 million for electricity to buy fuel oil, the company and the resigned minister, who is conducting its business, implemented two interconnected achievements, that will remain in the citizens memory :

1 – The first achievement is to completely extinguish the Zahrani electrical plant, due to the depletion of diesel fuel.

2 – Imposing harsh legalization on Beirut and the suburbs equally or more between night and day, before the end of March and the beginning of April, which is the date, set by the Minister of Business Administration, Raymond Ghajar, that it will not the month of light, but the  month Darkness ?!

Information circulated that it was not possible for ships to cross from the Suez Canal towards the eastern Mediterranean, and that a ship loaded with fuel to Lebanon was detained there, at a time, the dispute continues over the specifications of oil tankers for two ships anchored off the coast of Zahrani for days.

The most important thing is that the EDL has turned into a media platform, as it is ready to inform citizens with new data once available, and this raises suspicion, with the clarification that the corporation’s statement spoke about the supposed arrival of a marine tanker loaded with gas oil, coming from Kuwait, but was suspended With the rest of the global fuel shipments in the Suez Canal Strait, as a stranded ship led to its complete closure and disruption of naval movement.