| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

Mustafa Adeeb .. From Berlin to Washington?

Diplomatic sources reported to “Sawt Beirut International” that deliberations are being raised among official references at the highest level about conducting partial formations, affecting only the Lebanese ambassador’s position in Washington, as this position has been vacant since last March, when the ambassador then, Gabriel Issa, reached retirement age. Although in the embassy in Washington, the charge d’affaires is Wael Al-Hashem.

The sources say that Mikati is interested in having an ambassador in Washington who secures common interests, and that is why he wants to transfer the Lebanese ambassador to Germany, Mustafa Adib, from the embassy in Berlin, to Washington, to be appointed as Lebanon’s ambassador to the United States. According to the sources, Mikati believes that there is a need for a competent ambassador in Washington, and that he may be able to compensate him, for the inability to form a government in light of the obstacles he faced after he was designated about a year ago. He also believes that Ambassador Adib has good relations with various Lebanese authorities, as no one will object to this step.

The sources indicate that it is unlikely that comprehensive diplomatic formations of ambassadors will be held for two main reasons:

First: This government will most likely be the government to hold the parliamentary elections, as the ambassadors abroad have their experience with the Lebanese community, that is preparing to participate in the elections, through embassies and general consulates.

Secondly, it is unlikely that formations of ambassadors will take place before the elections that will lead to a new era which will take power in the country in light of the expected parliamentary and presidential elections. It is preferable for the New Covenant to carry out the formations of ambassadors, the way it sees it more appropriate.