| 29 November 2021, Monday |

Nasrallah contradicts himself

In early August, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah appeared threatening, menacing, blustering, and saying: “We, Hezbollah, will resort to Iran and negotiate with the Iranian government. We will buy petrol and diesel ships, and import them to the port of Beirut, and let the Lebanese state dare to prevent the entry of fuel ships to the country.”

The Lebanese after these threats imagined that the ships would “stand in line”, but regardless of implementing this threat, the tone in which Nasrallah addressed the Lebanese reflects a superior language that he used to address the Lebanese with.

Only a person who “dominates” the Lebanese decision says this, otherwise, how dare he addresses the countries by saying:

“Let the Lebanese state ban the entry of gasoline and diesel to the Lebanese people.” Is there a threat more severe than this threat? Is there a stronger domination than this hegemony? But the words said in August were erased in October! Nasrallah’s remarks in October are trying to remove the “charge” of hegemony, so he said in the interrogative form:

“What is this party that dominates Lebanon? When I came up with the idea of importing diesel ships, the Lebanese government said:  Don’t let these ships enter Zahrani and Tripoli, take them to Syria, a country you dominate. If we were really dominating the country why to import the diesel ships to Baniyas and from there to crawl 250 kilometers to bring it to Baalbek and distribute it to the rest of the Lebanese regions. Is this a party that dominates a country!”

Nasrallah tries to say: “We don’t dominate the state,” and before that raises the voice that “he is the state.” In this case, which “Nasrallah” do we believe?

Definitely “Nasrallah the dominator,” and there are several evidences:

Whoever goes out with his medium and light weapons, and with his members to receive diesel and gasoline tanks, he is dominating the state.

Whoever sends Hajj Wafiq Safa to the Palace of Justice is dominating the state.

Whoever asks one of the duo’s ministers to deliver a threatening message to the Council of Ministers that the judicial investigator in the Beirut port blast case must “stay behind” is dominating the state.

Whoever obstructs the presidential elections unless they lead to the election of General Michel Aoun, is dominating the state.

Whoever obstructs the formation of the government, unless he has the blocking third is dominating the state.

Whoever protects the smuggling “rails” is dominating the state.

If we want to complete counting, the manifestations of hegemony over the state cannot fit in a volume.

Nasrallah is “inaccurate”, if not to say more, when he denies Hezbollah’s hegemony over the state. Just remember that Nasrallah once said that “Hezbollah does not fight in Syria”!