| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

Nasrallah has set the roadmap, does anyone dare to object?!

The war of words have raged between the allies and opponents. The Aounist Member of Parliament asked his “friend,” General Michel Aoun, to turn the table on those who he signed with them Mar Mkhael agreement, holding them responsible of covering corruption, which starts from smuggling fuel across borders, corrupted ministries, to the officials responsible of the State’s finance since 1990 to date.

The aforementioned MP complains the shortage in vital services and outages in power, water, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs, forgetting that representatives from his party took over the ministries that are tasked for securing these services to the public.

How does the Aounist MP dares asking the President Aoun to turn the table at a time they are discussing ministerial quotas. He didn’t even hold his fellow’s party responsible for the collapse?

Its seems that relations between ‘Laqlouq’ and ‘Haret Hreik’ reached a deadlock, for several reasons. Gebran Bassils’ agenda is not anymore in line with Hezbollah’s project, which exceeded the Republic’s borders. The financial sanctions have besieged Bassil and paralyzed him partially, and today he received from his allies the final blow. Bassil has raised the ceiling of his conditions, at a time ‘Haret Hreik’ is trying to achieve internal gains, even if it was forced to abandon some of Mar Mikhael’s provisions. This is happening amid an unprecedented economic crisis that will affect the whole Lebanese including Hezbollah’s community.

On the other hand, there are fears from the “Synod” of bishops that Pope Francis has invited for in the Vatican, which will push for organizing an international conference to support the Patriarch’s demand to declare Lebanon’s neutrality. This is in addition to the international support for the Lebanese army and the invitations the Army Commander General Joseph Aoun is receiving from decision makers, such as UK lately, after his last visit to France and his meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Yesterday, Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah said loudly that he will negotiate with Iran to bring fuel from Tehran to the Port of Beirut, warning anyone who would dare to say no.

The source has considered this speech a roadmap for what is awaiting Lebanon, and would be a challenge for both the international and internal community. Nasrallah has set in his remarks the main foundations of the measures that will be taken. He exonerated the party from the failure of the government formation when he asked those involved in this task to surpass their personal considerations, knowing that both “Al-Khalils” intervened more than once in the government formation.

Nasrallah’s speech didn’t exclude Saudi Arabia, especially that the repercussions of the Foreign Ministry Charbel Wehbe’s stances did not subside. This was preceded by the pomegranate shipment, which was stuffed with Captagon, and the official’s attempts to enhance ties, in order to urge Saudi Arabia to resume importing agricultural products from Lebanon.

Nasrallah’s speech has stated the directions to be followed, and allies as well as opponents have to apply the points he have set, especially for not holding parliamentary elections at a time his ally the “Free Patriotic Movement” is threatening of resigning from the Parliament, so will the latter dare after Nesrallah’s “no”?!

  • Sawt Beirut International