| 8 February 2023, Wednesday |

Nasrallah submissively back to government, Khamenei orders.

In the new victory play, with its “Cardboard” heroes, and despite their own will, both Hezbollah and Amal Movement announced their return to the government, but the return was accompanied by a funny statement with the pretext of “fearing” of holding them responsible for disrupting people’s economic and livelihood affairs.

Once again, Hezbollah proved that Lebanon is just a small detail in its Iranian agenda. Once again, Hezbollah summarized itself as a trivious card, that collapsed in front of Iran’s orientations.
To shed light onto Hezbollah’s coup and its “magical” return to the cabinet table, well-informed political sources indicated to “Sawt Beirut International” that the return of embassies between Riyadh and Tehran overthrew Hezbollah’s insistence on suspending government sessions, and it returned without a deal, and the barter Hassan Nasrallah wanted by overthrowing the judicial investigator in the port explosion, Judge Tariq Bitar, blew the wind, and Nasrallah lost, and his card fell on the margin of Iran’s interests.

Sources pointed out that Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, ordered the young soldier in the Wilayat al-Faqih, Hassan Nasrallah, to return to the government table without hesitation, since the Supreme Leader of Tehran had restored diplomatic relations with Riyadh.

It confirmed that this is a resounding loss for the Tehran axis in Lebanon, because the ceiling of demands raised by Nasrallah in return for joining governmental sessions, were not achieved, and he reversed his decision with a direct order that came from Iran, and this indicates that Nasrallah has no value when it comes to Iran’s Foreign interests, which the Leader considers a priority, just as Nasrallah’s dream of annexing Lebanon to Tehran fell at the borders of the impenetrable dam, that Saudi Arabia built in the face of Tehran, and it was able to tell Iran that Lebanon was not, and will not be part of Wilayat al-Faqih, for Lebanon is Arab and will not depart from this Arab and Gulf incubator .

“It is a resounding defeat for the alleged axis of resistance, especially after the huge number of insults that Hassan Nasrallah inflicted on Saudi Arabia, and after he considered that the Lebanese were hostages inside Saudi Arabia, and found himself a hostage in the hands of Iran, so he carried out the order of his guide without objection, and ended his obstructing of governmental sessions,” the sources added

What is remarkable, according to the sources, is the unsuccessful “direction” made by the Shiite duo, as they quickly returned to the government without conditions, which represents a severe impact, that entails them issuing a joint statement, justifying their bitter defeat, at least in front of their nurturing environment, especially after Nasrallah felt that his threats had gone away and evaporated, and Judge Bitar remained, and justice remained firm in the face of Iran’s followers, and Nasrallah was submissive.