| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Nasrallah’s diesel monitored, and Iran’s ships under countries’ radars.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah still brags about bringing Iranian diesel to Lebanon, and as usual, he uses his speeches to build his illusory victories, claiming to have the credit among his environment in particular, and the Lebanese in general.

Nasrallah knows very well that the whole world is aware that he will conduct a commercial operation as a result of selling diesel to obtain money, because the crisis afflicting Iran and Lebanon has crippled the party’s financial capacity and it has become financially scarce.

In this context, diplomatic sources following up closely,  indicated that Iran did not give Nasrallah the diesel, just for the sake of the Lebanese people, but rather opened him a door, to earn some money, as Tehran can no longer bear the high costs of wars. In this process, Nasrallah sells the diesel, gives Iran the money, and reap some profits.

These sources reveal to “Sawt Beirut International” that the countries are monitoring closely the movements of Iranian ships directed to Lebanon, and any suspicious operation by Hezbollah to smuggle weapons within with diesel tankers, will subject these convoys, ships, or any means that will transport diesel to Lebanon, to the risk of being bombed.

Sources confirm that Nasrallah is aware that Israel will not intercept these ships or tanks if they are transporting just diesel only, and therefore, Nasrallah will keep on threatening and raising his finger, as he knows in advance and he obtained guarantees from some countries, not to harm the diesel ships if it is transporting oil derivatives only.

They stress that diesel fuel will generate lots of money for the party, and this is what some countries objected to, as there are international sanctions against Iran, especially since the party is on the terrorists’ list, and it is not entitled to carry out such commercial operations, replacing the Lebanese state.

The sources point out that if Iran’s intention was pure, it would have announced its aid to the Lebanese army, which is in dire need of diesel and gasoline, instead of supplying a terrorist militia.

So, countries’ radar is watching the party closely, and it will wait for the diesel to and arrive in Lebanon and be emptied, to find out the real destination of the sale, and any suspicious operation will expose the party, the state and everyone involved, to severe risks.