| 20 May 2024, Monday |

Nasrallah’s Iranian ships


It is such a remarkable development, for the US to approve the delivery of Egyptian gas to Lebanon, through Syria, according to what the US Ambassador in Beirut Shea announced after her contact with President Michel Aoun, and the issue of excluding the Assad regime (Syria) from US sanctions (Caesar Penal Code), plus a competition with Iranian oil, which is smuggled to Syria, before Baghdad summit, are all ambiguous matters.

Today, the dark Lebanon, is swaying between the Iranian fuel and the Arab gas, and this is not an economic scene, as much as it is a political reality that afflicts this country, whose citizens are trying to stay away from the “policy of axes” and build a steady relation with everyone. It is known, that the Lebanese coasts are under the UNIFIL Maritime Forces’ control, thus, any ship that enters the territorial waters must obtain the approval of the official Lebanese authorities in order to be allowed to enter.

So, will the Iranian oil ship will pass with the approval of the official authorities in Beirut and the UNIFIL forces, even though its supposed cargo, which Nasrallah told people about, is not in accordance with the Lebanese and international legal mechanisms, and Hezbollah, being the legitimate representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran, is going on with the course of destroying Lebanon, and his involvement in fuel, will cause more havoc and will exacerbate the isolation that Lebanon is already suffering from.

The Lebanese must not accept being beggars for a gasoline tank, and if what Nasrallah has promised, is to happen in Lebanon, woe to Lebanon on all levels, and the Lebanese should forget then, what is so called export and import.

The Iranian ships are Lebanese land signed by Hassan Nasrallah, and this is how the man plunges Lebanon into the furnace of war and imposes his Iranian priorities. Iranian militia in Lebanon is indifferent to the existence of the Lebanese state, after it confiscated the govern of its corrupt, impotent and weak leaders, this is why it should be removed immediately, and what is required are real leaders and not just watchers

The Taliban movement itself, has changed its political behavior’s pattern, and Hassan Nasrallah still clinging to speeches and stubbornness era, and the loud voice that leads nowhere, as all what he is saying doesn’t make sense.

According to Nasrallah’s words, the ship that left Bandar Abbas port, should arrive within 45 days, and perhaps more, until then no one knows what might happen, and people do forget.