| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

No independence for Lebanon, until terrorism is cut off

Lebanon will not witness peace as long as there is an armed militia that controls all of its decisions. Any solution to the successive crises in the land of the cedars will be in vain, as long as the issue of Hezbollah’s weapons supported by Iran, is not dealt with.
Sorry, Your Excellency, Minister of Defense, it is too early to talk about our independence as long as we do not uproot terrorism from our country. As long as Hezbollah is still financing itself, stockpiling weapons, laundering money and having complete control over the state’s joints and decisions, we will never enjoy sovereignty, but we will gp on our path through colonialism only.
“A statelet within a state that works for Iran.” Hezbollah is the only beneficiary of the disintegration of Lebanon and its constitutional and military institutions in particular. This militia possesses an arsenal of heavy weapons, tanks, and drones. As for the missiles, they are the jewel of the crown in its weapons’ stores, and the big problem is that this arsenal is directed inward, so what is left for the military institution, Honorable Minister?
Lebanon will not be able to survive or prosper unless you disarm Hezbollah. Effective speeches are no longer useful, Mr. Minister. Hezbollah has “kidnapped” Lebanon, and we will not be independent until we dismantle the Iranian weapons! We are in need of practical policies that unite the Lebanese army to protect sovereignty and independence, not patriotic rhetoric that does nothing, either confront the Hezbollah militia and Iranian hegemony, or else, what remains of the hope for the “independence” you described, will vanish.
The Lebanese are full aware that the main cause of their misery is Hezbollah, and they are absolutely certain that nothing embodies the terrorism practiced by Iran in the Middle East, more than the devastation it has caused in their country. And they will not live any independence, unless this terrorism is cut off