| 14 April 2024, Sunday |

Overrated rudeness.. Iran’s mercenaries preach with chastity

When resistance becomes a cross-border tool for suppressing people, and those revolting against corruption, it turns into a militia that occupies the sovereignty of the country, and what is ironic, is that this Persian agent, who has caused collapse, and constitutes the first threat to Lebanon and its people, preaches them with “chastity”
Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah appeared to the Lebanese last Monday evening, talking about his victories and his feeble party, threatening, America and Israel, as usual, and flattering his Persian masters, and barely addressing the Lebanese situation. However, there is something new this time, as it escalates to declaring the battle over the Lebanese army, so that we can find an for the American Iranian equation, and convince stony minds that whoever demands the authority and sovereignty of the state is described as an agent, and whoever demands the restriction of weapons in the army’s hand is called a traitor, blocking the way for any Arab solution to Lebanon which isolated from its surroundings.

And to refute the speech of the first “embassies’” agent, you must be aware, dear reader, that everything that the “Wilayat al-Faqih” party has done since its founding until today, according to the Secretary-General of its party, is in the interest of Lebanon, but the truth is that it is only in the interest of Hezbollah’s statelet, “fear,” Hunger, instability” and his Lebanese “interest” as part of Wilayat al-Faqih was achieved, so whythe denial, Lebanon, the state with its entire institutions, is submissive to Iran, and the Lebanese are living in the era of this occupation, and rudeness has crossed all borders!

All what they have inflicted on Lebanon is the disasters, isolation and intimidation, and there is no solution but to cut off the foundations of the Iranian militia’s terrorism.
Nasrallah’s attacks against the army, aims at facilitating Iran’s mission in negotiations and reassuring Israel. The truth is that the government does not meet unless the Wali al-Faqih wants, not to mention that the President of the Republic does not do anything unless the latter agrees. As for Parliament, it is in the hands of his allies, and therefore Lebanon is in the Iranian axis completely, and there is no hope for the revival of the state in any way.

1500 miles between Lebanon and Yemen did not stand in the way of the militia’s servant of terrorism, Hassan Nasrallah, amid the silence of the Lebanese government, which is controlled by his party, and the latter plays the role of the honest preacher with his hand dripping blood.
He gasped hard to talk about the resistance and sovereignty, forgetting that he is the “first occupier” of the Lebanese people in general, and that he and his party are the ones who destroyed Lebanon, impoverished and displaced its people, killed its children and looted its money, and are fighting fake losing battles aimed at further confusion for the Lebanese to expand Iranian influence.

Hezbollah, and after Nasrallah’s last speech, challenged publicly the establishment of the state and blocked the way for the Kuwaiti initiative to solve the Lebanese-Gulf crisis, describing it as “dictations”, but it overlooked the dictates of Iran and its leaders, which took Lebanon and its people hostage and bargained for it in Its negotiations, about developing its nuclear weapons and its expansionist project in the country, Syria, Yemen and Iraq. In return there is no commitment to the path of political, economic and financial reform, adopting a policy of disassociation, respecting the sovereignty of Arab and Gulf countries, and putting an end to the political and military interference in neighboring countries to serve the Khomeinist revolution.
Finally, the best response to the rudeness of the Iranian mullahs is to deal with its cowards and gangs in Yemen, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq as terrorists, and work to cut them off by all means, not to be complacency or trying to deal with them diplomatically. In short, they are “gangsters”.

  • Sawt Beirut International