| 24 June 2021, Thursday |

Paris directing attention towards a government managing upcoming elections.

While Attention is focused on the process of launching communications to form the prospective government, this movement remains shy in light of the intransigence of some and their negative stances in this regard.

Meanwhile, The Lebanese people continue to lose confidence in these officials who are indifferent towards their people’s, while they step up their greed of quotas and power sharing.

Amidst this negativity, Paris seems unenthusiastic and not optimistic about the ongoing contacts, as it has a long history of discouraging behavior from the leaders of the ruling political class.

Informed sources from Paris told “Sawt Beirut International “that the Elysee is not interested in these ongoing meetings, as it had already declared its stance and put forward an integrated initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Beirut.

The sources confirm that France has “washed its hands” from the political class in Lebanon, especially after French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian’s recent visit to Lebanon, and the negative results that surrounded it.

It pointed out that the last message that President Michel Aoun sent to Macron through the French Embassy in Lebanon did not receive attention in the corridors of the French Presidential Palace. As the Elysee’s stance has been clear since the 4th of August explosion, and the French President had already devised a plan for the Lebanese leaders to rescue Lebanon, but they thwarted the French efforts and blew up Macron’s initiative, which angered France.

It added that the French president’s priorities have become elsewhere, and that what was written during the French initiative has become untenable now, because matters are deteriorating in Lebanon, and the previous phase was less tense than the current one, so matters needs an impossible miracle in order to save Lebanon from its dilemma.

The sources reveal that Paris is directing its attention now towards a completely independent government with independent personnel who are not candidates for the elections, and that it has sensed this tendency from European capitals that see in the upcoming government, a government that manages the upcoming parliamentary elections, and establishing a new authority that meets the needs of the Lebanese crisis and the requirements of the Lebanese society, which is witnessing its worst crises of all.