| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

Presidential elections: Sovereign president or infinite vacuum

Anyone who believes that dialogue with Hezbollah militia is really suitable with regard to the republic’s file, will be a narrow minded person. On the contrary, it is a drain on more hegemony over the country. As for what is required, a serious discussion about the source of the main defect related to Hezbollah’s existence, especially its weapons and the state’s project and reform, and then, we can talk about Presidency.

No doubt that the entitlement to elect the Presidency of the Republic is a pivotal entitlement on which political developments are based. Rather, it will determine the direction of Lebanon in the next stage, regardless of the attempts to thwart it or subjugate it by the hired and ruling mafia in Lebanon. All that is required, is a presidential name that believes in a strong state that owns its decision and works to get Lebanon out of its isolation and neutralize it from the struggles of others, and contribute to achieving stability and prosperity.

Lebanon today is in need for these elections, and whoever assumes responsibility, will inevitably bear the responsibility to work on Hezbollah militia’s file and its repercussions on the country internally and externally.For the latter is the one who brought Lebanon to “rock bottom,” and Lebanon cannot remain hijacked by this terrorist group, so this entitlement is the cornerstone before the country is completely destroyed.

Lebanon lives now the era of cards on the table for constitutional benefits. The Lebanese want a neutral, national “President” who brings together all sects, not a President whose loyalty to an Iranian militia that has harassed the people throughout history. Lebanon is not the monopoly of a sect, but rather it is multi-sect in an equal ruling system

The mafia authority’s corruption extent in Lebanon is unbearable, which is under the command of Hezbollah. We definitely need a president who is free from the burdens of international interests and agendas, and who puts Lebanon’s interest above all considerations, or else we will loose what is left of this country.

  • Sawt Beirut International