| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

Presidential entitlement…Nasrallah: “Me and nobody else”

It seems that the road to “hell” that President Aoun preached is long, while the people are silently drinking the cup of humiliation without moving a finger. The president and his son-in-law have taken upon themselves the task of destroying the Lebanese Republic, its institutions and the elements of its existence, and it is clear that Hezbollah’s intention is to complete the destruction left by this abhorrent covenant, so what awaits the Lebanese?
While the governmental rams are at their height, the presidential election entiltement ia completly absent. As for the any breakthough signs in the political scene, they are completly absent as well. The leader of the Hezbollah militia, Hassan Nasrallah, does not spare any opportunity to float the Lebanese with his Iranian agenda and that he is definitely holding on to the decision of war and peace in Lebanon. And today, Nasrallah is trying to pass the election of a new president within the framework of an integrated comprehensive package that guarantees him a comprehensive cover for his terrorist acts.

What is for sure, Hezbollah’s drones over Karish carried a message to the people of the region and the international community as much as it was a message to its “dull” audience. Its content is that the party is Lebanon and Lebanon is the party. As for the issue of electing a president of the republic, it is a passing matter for Nasrallah, who previously set presidential standards in the absence of an extension or even heading towards a vacuum, a clear equation is put forward by the Secretary-General of this militia, a candidate who is aware of the criteria for the settlement of “weapons protect corruption.”

A president who satifies the Mullas, the Syrian and the Zionists – or border rivalries will dominate the situation in the coming period.”

Nasrallah, and as a prelude to the absurd war, plays on emotions and mobilizes with an ideological political anthem in Iranian timing, and this has several interpretations, the most important of which is that Nasrallah assures the Lebanese, that if the government and presidential elections are against the will of his masters, then Lebanon inevitably vanishes.

The reform and change era, that Aoun spoke about after his election as President of the Republic, is nearing its end, and the result is neither reform nor change, but hell and miserable fate. Without a doubt, the era of corruption, clientelism, subjugation and dependency on the outside, the waste of public money, and the most dangerous is the attempt to bequeath these misfortunes to those who are punished internationally because of corruption.
And between the erosion of sovereignty, the kidnapping of the state, the dependence on Lebanon and corruption, Is it still possible to form an alternative authority in place of the authority of ruin and dependence to restore the state, independence, status and role? let’s wait and see.

  • Sawt Beirut International