| 6 December 2023, Wednesday |

Pressured entitlements on Lebanon’s post-election agenda

As the countdown starts to the date of the next parliamentary elections on May 15th, all weapons are now available to the candidates, due to the necessity of the electoral battle and the mobilization of public opinion to vote according to their programs and projects. Although a positive political atmosphere returned to the country at the end of last week, whether with regard to Lebanon’s signing of the initial agreement with the International Monetary Fund, or the Gulf return to the country as a matter of resuming the activities of the ambassadors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait in Beirut, which is expected to witness more momentum In the coming days.
But the question remains, what happens after the polls end and the results appear? And how will the picture of the political situation be after the parliamentary elections?

Many pressing dates are set on the stage’s agenda that will follow the elections, there are . On May 21, the current parliament’s mandate ends with the election of a speaker for the new parliament and the parliament’s bureau. At that point, Prime Minister Najib Mikati’s government is deemed inevitably resigned, and with it begins the call to name a new prime minister, which formation should be done as soon as possible, especially since official Lebanon will be busy preparing for Pope Francis’ visit, between June 12 and 13, which will serve as an important message on the doors of the presidential elections, which begins the constitutional deadline for electing a new president on August 31 and ends on October 31 First, therefore, the life of the government after the parliamentary elections will be short, and the next stage will not be easy for the country that is living in an exceptional period that is stressful on all levels, especially economic and financial, and it must also fulfill its international commitments that it made in its pledges, especially before the International Monetary Fund in order to get assistance.
Senior political sources told “Sawt Beirut International” that it expect work will be done to expedite the formation of a government after the elections, and the sources consider that the Arab and international flotation of President Najib Mikati at this stage, indicates that he will be most likely to be renamed by the new parliament, as it will also bear the responsibility of giving confidence to the government, as its president is the one who will call for the election of a new head of state, and this matter will not be easy, especially since Lebanon’s recent experiences with regard to presidential vacancy have become a regular tradition. Therefore, the sources stress the importance of voting heavily for projects and programs for change in order to produce a new political class. .

On the other hand, ministerial sources affiliated with the Shiite duo admit to “Sawt Beirut International” that there is a state of collapse and disintegration of the state, and there is no solution for Lebanon except to follow the conditions of the International Monetary Fund, whatever they are.The sources stress the need for everyone to be humble and to avoid arrogance and provocations, and for the political discourse to be calm towards all brotherly and friendly countries as we need their help. The sources also indicate that the next stage should be one of providing facilities and concessions for the sake of the country and that we should obstruct parliamentary or government procedures, because what is required is to facilitate what the International Monetary Fund requests from Lebanon .

The sources confirm that Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri will make every effort to expedite the adoption of laws in Parliament required by the IMF, and he will call for a legislative session before Eid al-Fitr, perhaps to approve the draft budget and “Capital Control” because the matter can no longer wait.

Therefore, in conclusion, the responsibility for drawing up a road map for the next stage rests with the Lebanese people first and foremost, and the date of May 15 should be a day of change with distinction to be recorded on the pages of Lebanon’s future history.

  • Sawt Beirut International