| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

Rafik Hariri… A man greater than his country

On the anniversary of the martyrdom of a great man from my country, words fail to express the status of this “Noble Man”, this entity on whom Lebanon and its people relied, Rafik Hariri, the exceptional man in an exceptional country that fills the world and preoccupies people. He was safety, hope, present and future, he was everything. He was really a group of people in one man, who loved his country to the extent of martyrdom.
Rafik Hariri loved God, and thus, all people loved him. He is a father, a brother, a friend. Indeed, he was a companion to everyone who knew or did not know him. He was the one who said, “No one is greater than his country.” But after his martyrdom, we confirmed that he was greater than Lebanon. He was the king among kings, and the president among presidents and the leader among the leaders, he carried Lebanon’s concern and roamed from one capital to another, and from one international forum to another without getting bored, tired or even exhausted, working overnight in order to put his country back on the map of the major countries. He admired Mahathir Muhammad as well as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and everyone who was building and creating the future. He was the one who dedicated his relations, wealth, and life for the sake of Lebanon, he was the one who taught and built. Yes, Rafik Hariri, with his assassination, the whole country was assassinated. He left to eternity as a martyr, and here are the Lebanese people dragged to the bottom of Hell.

February 14, 2005 is not the only day of remembrance. Every day is a day of your remembrance, and in every road we walk there are your fingerprints, and in every essential service that we lose, we remember Rafik Hariri, as in every hospital, educational, cultural, and service edifice, there is Rafic Hariri, this man who knew no place for despair, because he considered that with every new dawn there is new hope.

Yes, they killed you to kill hope and the future and all what is beautiful. I will not forget how grim your face was on Sunday evening, February 13, the night of your assassination in Koraytem. How did you sat alone with your Lord for more than an hour in your office waiting for the arrival of your companion in martyrdom, Basil Fleihan, coming from a foreign visit? How can we forget? We will not forget the threats that were directed against you days before your assassination.
Mr. President, we will not forget your fear on the plane, and every time on your way to Beirut,of thwarting all the successes that you have reaped for Lebanon, from those who feared you because you were really greater than your country.

Mr. President, Lebanon is not fine, and Beirut, your oppressed and dark lover, is groaning like the people from pain. What do we tell you about our conditions after your assassination? Shall we tell you that our youths, on whom you were placing hopes, are today carrying their bags to search for a safe alternative country? Shall we tell you about the hell that burned us and burned the country, or your marginalized sect, or the international isolation in which we live, or our life, social and economic conditions, and our transition from welfare to hunger, and from security and stability to chaos and devastation.

Sorry, Mr. President, the list of suffering goes on and on, and thanks God that you closed your eyes as a martyr, before you saw the destruction of everything you worked on building, and have after your martyrdom, we have God to look at our conditions and save us fromthe hell of our officials.

  • Sawt Beirut International