| 2 December 2022, Friday |

Rafik Hariri, architect of Taef Agreement and its victim.

Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri played the most prominent role in reaching the Taef agreement, 33 years ago, through the trust placed in him by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, Saudi King Fahd bin Abdulaziz, may his soul rest in peace. As the martyred president struggled during his years in politics to implement this agreement in its entirety, but he was a victim of this agreement.
Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri played a major and very positive role in the success of the Taef agreement in order to save Lebanon, and put an end to the civil war that destroyed it and destroyed its economy, and posed a threat to the unity of the people, the homeland and coexistence, and revived the constitutional institutions that had stopped working due to the war and political divisions. The importance of this agreement is that it came to light only through the meetings that accompanied it under the auspices of the Arab countries, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which accompanied it and contributed to the process of the revival of Lebanon and the reconstruction of its economic structure, which made it able and quickly to play its role at the internal, Arab and global levels, economically, politically and culturally, and thus this agreement contributed to putting Lebanon on the world map at all levels.

Martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri exerted his utmost efforts to restore life to Lebanon, especially as it came as a result of the agreement that took place at the Arab Summit held in Morocco in 1989, during which a tripartite committee was formed that included Saudi King Fahd bin Abdulaziz, Moroccan King Hassan II, and Algerian President Chadli bin Jadid. This committee took over the preparation for this conference, knowing that it was Saudi King Fahd, may God have mercy on him, who decided to authorize the martyred Prime Minister Hariri through all his endeavors to keep pace with all the stages that led to the Taef Agreement, which resulted in a change in the face of Lebanon and its transition from the stage of war to the stage of reconstruction and development.

The agreement from which more results ere hoped for, especially since it came as a result of making a lot of efforts, because its content restored balance to the political formula in Lebanon and, where everyone was granted what is his. This agreement was also keen on respecting and implementing the constitution and laws through the participation of the Lebanese sects in the success of this unique formula in the world, which is the formula of coexistence, which must be adhered to by all Lebanese, especially since its political content emphasized a fundamental and very important matter, which is that Lebanon is a free homeland, an independent master, one land, people, institutions, and a final homeland for all its children
It also emphasized the participation of all sects in the government so that responsibilities are distributed to all sects, each of which has its role in contributing to the rule within the framework of the principles of right, equality and democracy so that the Lebanese people enjoy a political system that secures freedom, democracy and the possibility for every citizen to participate in the advancement of the country. Ths agreement was keen to preserve the rights of the groups that consists of the Lebanese society, which made a balance based on the individual level, freedoms and groups, and the constitution secured their right to have a key role in formulating coexistence, defense and the principles of freedom in Lebanon.

Prime Minister Hariri is known to have been one of the keenest people to implement all the provisions of the Taef Agreement, as it is the entry point for Lebanon to reach the highest level of advancement, development, democracy and equality among the Lebanese, within the framework of living in a free and independent Arab country whose sons contribute to the development of their Arab environment and global civilization.

Unfortunately, the dream of the martyr Prime Minister did not come true, and there are still those who are fighting the implementation of this agreement, knowing that achieving it will be in the interest of all Lebanese of all sects, but the hope remains that his eldest son Bahaa Hariri will be able to complete the dream and implement what his martyr father could not achieve, and the Political Hariri’s will remain the only solution to preserve Lebanon, its future and its people.

  • Sawt Beirut International