| 2 October 2022, Sunday |

Regarding presidency file.. We want a Lebanese president

Next October 31, will be the legal and constitutional date for the end of President Michel Aoun’s reign, and his departure from the Republican Palace, and with it, may end the era of humiliation, injustice, hunger, economic and social collapse, Iranian domination and foreign dependence.
The presidential election is what is needed, and the president to be conveyed is a sovereign changer, that seeks to build an actual state, so will the Lebanese achieve what he wants?

What certainly reduces the tragedies of Lebanon, land and people, is the end of this infernal era. The Lebanese people are living tragedies under the oppression, domination and kidnapping of these forces, and what we see of this corrupt authority we have not seen at any time in Lebanon, and the country must liberate the people from those who conspire against it.

What is required is Lebanon’s neutrality with a Lebanese decision supported regionally and internationally, and that there is no neutrality without sovereignty1 in the shadow of Hezbollah’s illegal weapons, and all of this falls on the shoulders of the expected president. His duty is to stand by its people against whoever robbed them of their deposits, freedom, dignity and sovereignty, and he must prove in practice that he is an independent president who does not care about any other country”s benefits, at the expense of Lebanon, just as no one is above Lebanon and the aspirations of its people.
The election of a president who is consensual and belongs to a Lebanese political line with full loyalty to Lebanon to extricate what is left of the country, and to establish a political and popular incubator that will push for a president who will contribute to launching a rescue path for the country alone, and put it on the road to safety, and if this does not happen, then we will loose our country.

After six years of failure and humiliation, and an era that led the country to collapse, where the Lebanese people lived under the illusion of reform, change and urbanization, while they aonly lived favoritism and corruption, and were was deprived of their minimum rights.

The Lebanese people have the right to dream of a new president whose national affiliation is par excellence. Is this too much to ask for?

  • Sawt Beirut International