| 5 July 2022, Tuesday |

Samir Hanna wrote “Ethical Principles Guide” at Bank Audi .. and breached it!

Not too long ago, Bank Audi issued a 23-page booklet entitled: “Guide to Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct”
The booklet’s introduction was written by Samir Hanna, “the chief executive officer of Audi Bank Group,” when the index was set.
In the booklet’s second chapter, under the title: “Ethical Principles,” it is stated the following.
“Tax evasion, in line with international requirements and best practices aimed at ensuring transparency in financial matters, and combating tax evasion, require you (employees,) to refrain from assisting or encouraging customers to evade paying taxes for any reason.”
Did Samir Hanna apply this provision of the “Manual of Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct” who he himself, wrote his introduction?
What “Pandora” documents have revealed, show that Samir Hanna did not adhere to the content of the index, he wrote his introduction.
Samir Hanna, “the spoiled son” of Bank Audi, progressed until he became the bank,s first man, to the extent that it became possible to change the name of the bank from “Bank Audi” to “Hanna Bank.” It was also possible to talk about his son, “Samer Hanna”, who founded companies in his name, most notably Capital Banking Solutions, and was appointed as an executive director.
Samir Hanna recently worked on exiting Bank Audi from Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Jordan. If the exit from Syria was due to “Caesar’s Law”, then the exit from all the aforementioned countries, especially from Turkey, was the result of unsecured loans, which were given to President Saad Hariri’s company in Turkey, from Bank Audi in the same country, which led to difficulties in the bank’s branch in Turkey, and thus assistance was provided from Audi’s lebanon, and in turn caused problems to the local one.
Samir Hanna was in charge of these operations, where he invested in luxury real estate in Switzerland, taking advantage of the wide powers given to him in “Bank Audi,” in which he advanced during more than forty years, and enjoyed full confidence from the bank’s owners, the Audi family.
Bank Audi attempted to carry out a restructuring procedure, though bringing a Greek general manager, “Aristides Forax,” but the aforementioned manager clashed with Samir Hanna, due to his austerity policy that did not suit Hanna, so he had to submit his resignation, the one, Hanna accepted immediately.