| 25 June 2021, Friday |

Saudi Arabia neither supports nor objects Lebanese officials

What matters with Saudi Arabia in Lebanon is the interest of the whole Lebanese. What is being said that Saudi Arabia opposes Hariri’s presidency of the government is fallacious. Saudi Arabia neither supports nor opposes individuals, but it rather keeps the choice for Lebanese politicians.

Saudi Arabia deals with the preferences of these politicians in accordance with its regional and international interests. But the problem is that the corrupted politicians seek Saudi Arabia’s support to fund their deals with Iran.

The worst in this situation is that Lebanese politicians adopt stupid practices. They deal with the developments according to their narrow personal interests, without taking into consideration the country’s interests.

Saudi Arabia deals with Lebanon in a clear way. Saudi officials have always announced the Kingdom’s foreign policy, which states that Lebanon should get rid of Hezbollah’s militia and its control over the state.

Talking about Saudi Arabia’s position and relationship with Lebanon, is linked to its ability in making difference in the projects and investments it set rather than in individuals. Even martyr Rafik Hariri was supported by Saudi Arabia and the world, because he was behind ambitious project that contributed in building Lebanon. Hariri’s project was eradicated after his assassination.

The authority in Lebanon kept repeating itself through the agendas of its operators, as those linked to Iran’s axis in Lebanon never violate Hezbollah’s orders, and at the same time they are looking to achieve their interests by adopting its illegal weapon.

Rudeness has exceeded all limits, as Iran sends weapons to its arms in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine to fight. There are local politicians who cover Iran’s project contrary to the Arab national security. Those corrupted people need the Arab country’s funds to rebuild what they have destroyed with Iran’s weapons and wars.

Does the President of the Republic resorted to the Parliament to withdraw the mandate from the Prime Minister designate, with the aim of new consultations? And if so, what would prevent these MPs from withdrawing their procuration to a president they elected?

It is said that in Lebanon we should beware of constitutional adventures, because amending it has dire consequences. What we have meant is not defending a designated Prime Minister, but showing up all those who brought Aoun to the presidency, and the latter turned on them except Hezbollah.