| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Saudi escalation… Hezbollah’s terrorism facing international forums

Whenever the Gulf states, led by Saudi Arabia, try to untie a knot in diplomatic relations with Lebanon, a new knot appears, as it seems that Hezbollah intends to strike Lebanon’s relationship with its Arab surroundings, especially the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia’s accusation of Hezbollah came, as evidence of the party’s involvement in the military operations in Yemen, and it presented evidence to prove that, and said that “the Houthis used the civilian part of the airport of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, militarily, adding that the Houthis also used this part to launch drones.”

The Saudi-led “Arab Coalition” showed a video clip apparently showing Hezbollah training the Houthis on how to launch missile and drone strikes at facilities at a site at the international airport in Sanaa, and a senior Hezbollah activist giving instructions to strike a ship in the Red Sea.

After this clear and direct accusation, sources close to the Gulf Cooperation Council confirmed that there is a Saudi tendency to raise the escalation towards Lebanon in international forums, because the crisis has crossed the boundaries of diplomacy and political positions, and touched the security depth of Saudi Arabia, and this is unacceptable and has negative repercussions on the Gulf, and on Lebanon that is a state mortgaged to Hezbollah.

Sources told “Sawt Beirut International”, “The decision was taken and we will see an escalating campaign against Hezbollah, as it is no longer acceptable for a militia affiliated with Iran to affect the national security of the Gulf countries and implement its expansionist orders in the region in order to destabilize the Gulf.”

The same sources indicated, “The escalation will be incremental, and there are strict steps and measures that will be taken soon, refusing to disclose them.” It added, “This time, the crisis is not about a minister’s statement from here or an official from there, but rather, it has reached a very dangerous level. The security of Saudi and Gulf citizens is above all considerations and a red line crossed by Hezbollah and behind it Iran, and for this apparent transgression, Hezbollah will pay a heavy price”.

It revealed that among the measures that will be taken, which have become known to all, the Saudi Arabia will resort to international forums, especially since the Hezbollah is on the list of terrorism, and what it did is a clear terrorist act that has serious repercussions and leads the international community to impose harsh penalties.

  • Sawt Beirut International