| 22 May 2024, Wednesday |

Secrets of new settlement on Lebanon, and Hezbollah’s weapons under understandings’ maiden.

Words are being circulated behind the walls of decision-making capitals, about a settlement that might be reached in the short term in order to find some solutions for the countries of the Middle East, including Lebanon, which suffers from economic crises and stands alone in the face of storms.

It points out that the issue of reconstructing Beirut Port, is a struggle point between some countries, that are jostling for its reconstruction after it was destroyed by the August 4 explosion.

Diplomatic sources told “Sawt Beirut International”, that Russia and France are interested in the reconstruction of the port, and France as it considers itself responsible for the latest government settlement, which led to the formation of Najib Mikati’s government, then it the first to receive the reconstruction file in the port, while Russia also wants to play a role in this field. .

At the political scene, America is entering the settlement line through negotiations with Iran, and sources say, that any settlement process with Iran must discuss the issue of Hezbollah’s weapons, and this has already been put on the negotiating table between Washington and Tehran, but Iran did not hand over the  party’s card without a price, or at least a gain for it in the Middle East, comparable to the value of giving up the party.”

The sources indicate that Iran’s priority, is the nuclear file, which it considers as a gateway to gain influence, and thus be able to enter the club of nuclear countries and participate in decision-making related to Middle Eastern countries.

Iran is betting that it will achieve its goal through negotiations, in addition to the lifting of sanctions imposed on it, and this will facilitate the Khamenei regime’s abandonment of its military arm in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, represented by Hezbollah.

Matters are still complicated, and according to the same sources, “the broth has not yet been cooked, but it has been put on fire”, and in the foreseeable future we may see the emission of white smoke, as a sign that Iran has abandoned the party’s weapons. But the question remains, will Hezbollah submit to this decision? And who can guarantee its implementation in case the decision was taken?

The sources reveal that Washington rejected an idea put forward and promoted by the Iranian regime, that the Assad regime is capable of playing this role, and it had previously curbed Hezbollah during former President Emile Lahoud’s era, but this proposal was rejected by the US administration, which confirmed that this system will not be back in Lebanon.