| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Shiite Duo… Bassil a tiring boy and heavy burden

Both the Covenant, and the Free Patriotic Movement, have lost their political discourse, as they are no longer able to convince people with empty promises that were not fulfilled, and the movement lost the power of attracting those outside the framework of the Free Patriotic Movement, especially those who are not partisan, so the October 17 revolution changed the land’s reality, and attracted a good number of people who are tired of some parties’ policies.

In this context, Gebran Bassil’s tiring behavior, as described by sources close to the Shiite duo, played a major role in weakening President Michel Aoun’ era, on whom the duo bet as a strong Christian ally capable of change.

sources told “Sawt Beirut International” that “Hezbollah considers Bassil as a tired boy and a heavy burden, who wants everything and if he does not get his request, he performs childish behavior, and this annoys Hezbollah, especially when it comes to attacking Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the main ally, who indispensable to the party in all circumstances.

The sources revealed that the party sent a clear and stern message that Berri is a red line and Basil’s repeated attacks against the Speaker of Parliament will not bear any fruits, and the party is not about to abandon Berri at all, as he is a priority, and Basil must adapt to this reality.

The sources add that Hezbollah paid Aoun’s debt, and brought him to power, and no longer wants to pay exorbitant prices at the expense of its environment, which is discontent with Bassil’s actions, and that the party did not interfere with its bases in order to allow some votes in the areas under its influence, because the electoral battle this time is different, and there is an unknown force such as civil society, that has expanded within the environment, Hezbollah has not yet been able to estimate the size of this force, and thus, it does not want to risk any vote to secure the number of its representatives and the representatives of its permanent allies, such as the Syrian Social National Party, the Baath Party and Jamil al-Sayyid.

On the other hand, according to the sources, the party fears that the Free Patriotic Movement will lose a large number of its seats, and whatever the size of the discrepancy between them, Bassil remains the Christian ally who secured the required cover, and stood by the party in critical times, which is a necessary need. And Bassil must understand that Hezbollah is able to win the Shiite seats, and that he needs an ally like the Party, to secure the continuity of his Tayyar’s presence in the Christian street, or else, there are strong opponents who will attack him at any moment or opportunity.

  • Sawt Beirut International