| 23 February 2024, Friday |

Sincere condolences to Lebanese state under Iranian hegemony

Amid uncontrolled arms, absence of the state, external domination and intimidation by force of arms, Secretary of the Hezbollah militia appears on the occasion of the International Quds Day to threaten, as usual, and to impress us with his culture of “lying” and hypocrisy, as a clown “on the outskirts of the great and final victory,” which we have been promised since its inception that it is “close clings to Palestine”, so, would anyone still believes these lies?

Head of the Change Movement, Elie Mahfoud, stated that “the organization that has served the agenda of Israel and global Zionism the most in the Arab world, is the terrorist organization Hezbollah,” and “Whoever says otherwise is misguided, ignorant and blind in heart and eye from the truth that Hezbollah is a creation of the Zionist-Iranian alliance.”

“who blew up the port of Beirut, killed the Lebanese, displaced the Syrians, and caused the destruction of Iraq and Yemen, liberation of Jerusalem is impossible to be its goal.” Mahfoud added.

He emphasized that “Hezbollah’s militia culture is intimidation and assassinations.” As for his speech, it was the reason behind the Lebanese realities of poverty, hunger and international isolation have ruined Lebanon’s foreign relations. This is what Hassan Nasrallah is doing through a purely Iranian project.”

Mahfoud concluded by congratulating the Secretary-General of the Hezbollah militia, continuing, “Hezbollah succeeded in implementing its destructive project by establishing its Iranian institutions in the face of the legitimate Lebanese institutions. His statelet had the militia security, money, and economy, and despite its subordination to the pillars of the state and the separation of Lebanon to become isolated, this militia failed and caused destruction and collapse.”

If the divine victory that Nasrallah spoke of was centered on “the demise of the Lebanese state,” then congratulations to you, Hassan, and sincere condolences for the Lebanese who, unfortunately, are floundering under Iranian loyalty. Most of what this class and the ruling obliteration have produced for them is poverty, bankruptcy, isolation, collapse, and systematic destruction of the state, under the cloak of the zionists “Wali”

  • Sawt Beirut International