| 22 April 2024, Monday |

Southern Suburb security and the “dirty shirt”

In February 1984, and following the fall of what was known as “West Beirut”, due to the “February 6 Uprising” by Amal movement, after “neutralizing” the Lebanese Army’s Sixth Brigade that was deployed in that area, problems escalated between the parties, some of which included armed scuffles. This prompted the head of Amal Movement, Nabih Berri, to appeal to the army and security forces to take over security in ” West Beirut”, because he did not want to “wear the security’s dirty shirt,” according to what he said.

Today, after 38 years to that incident, it is as if history is repeating itself, not in “Western Beirut” but in the Southern Suburbs.

“Hezbollah does not want to wear the security’s shirt in the southern suburbs,” so it issued a joint statement with Amal movement, in which it appealed to the Lebanese army to take over the security of the suburb.

What does this transformation mean?

First, it means that Hezbollah has failed miserably in controlling the security of Al-Dahiyeh, “Sothern Suburb”.
Secondly, it means that if it tries to impose security by force, it will clash with the clans that are part of its human military tool, so will it strike itself?
Third, it means that Hezbollah presented a failed pattern in managing the areas it controls, despite all the “propaganda” attempts to whitewash its reputation, through distributing Iranian gasoline and diesel, and despite the “good loan” Al -Qard Al-Hasan that is trying to expand more.

His failure to establish security in the southern suburbs raises questions about his imposition of security in other areas he controls, especially the Baalbek-Hermel region, where car theft gangs and the production of Captagon are active.

Gangs, Captagon production and smuggling operations, made the southern suburb an “incubator environment” for all prohibited practices. So, is “asking for help” from the legitimate security forces, an admission of the failure of “self-security” practiced by Hezbollah? And Does it take off the “dirty security shirt” after its failure to “clean it”?

For the legitimate security forces to succeed in their tasks, it is not enough to arrest the “youngsters” of the theft gangs’ members, what is required is to arrest the “big ones”, i.e. their operators, so will Hezbollah lift the cover for these? Or is the use of legitimate security forces only an attempt to whitewash the page before the parliamentary elections?

  • Sawt Beirut International