| 27 May 2024, Monday |

State’s indolence in taking a stance on Iranian fuel obstructs the government formation process

Lebanon has tried to discover the US feedback regarding the import of fuel from Iran, and to explore whether it has any reaction or even if Israel has any reaction, according to what political sources told Sawt Beirut International. But officials failed to have any feedback as the scene is still blurry.

However, what has been recognized is that the US administration does not have time for Lebanon currently, as Afghanistan is a priority. Although the US Ambassador, Dorothy Shea, is acting to form a government, but the latter’s fate is still unknown.

All foreign reactions were considered, but what was not taken into consideration is that importing a fuel tanker from Iran would affect directly the process of forming a government, even if the international priorities were elsewhere.

According to the sources, if the government was formed the Arab and international community will be waiting and looking to know its position on the Iranian ships. The government will be assessed and rated, mainly from the United States, based on this factor.

The following question arises in this context: Does any internal party concerned with the formation of the government have an interest in forming and confronting this entitlement due to the sanctions imposed on Iran?

Or will all the Lebanese officials take the matter as an argument to obstruct formation, until the ship arrives in Lebanon and they perceive the effects and the international and Arab reactions around it, and whether any party will take measures to prevent its arrival?

There may be an internal consensus, amid the conflicts over the government on one issue, which is that now is not the best time to form a government that is required to take a stance on these ships. This means that there will be Lebanese silence until this stage passes. Two issues are taken into consideration: Will the flow of Iranian fuel continue, or do the two ships represent a message to calm the street in a specific area only? Will these fuels be delivered across Lebanon, or will they be provided to a specific group?

The sources assert that for a period of two weeks, several complications will prevail until the international community reacts, especially regarding the rules of engagement at sea, and how will these repercussions impact Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International