| 26 September 2022, Monday |

Stop guardianship on Lebanese votes… it will be liberated soon

What the overwhelming majority of Lebanese have experienced during the past years, especially through the current era, has made them fed up with those who call themselves leaders, and most of them, if not to say the majority, have accumulated their leadership on a sectarian rhetoric, under the name of defending the rights of their sects, for fear of losing the gains they achieved under this slogan, so they committed all kinds of corruption in the state’s administrations, and made Lebanon an opponent to its Arab environment and its main incubator and sponsor?
Today, the thrones of many of these leaders and parties are shaken, and they are searching in the administrations “drawers” for laws to bring them out, in order to restore their ancient glory, but the height of disdain is to link the decision of the Lebanese voter to these… Who gave you the right of guardianship over them, if the pretext was the ballot boxes, the numbers of voters and their lineage, for they do not represent all the Lebanese, because you were able through your laws Elections to legalized your corruption and domination in the name of the people. Perhaps the alliances you established in the 2018 elections, are the best evidence that “the end justifies the means.”

There is no objection to allying with the “demons” and those “tampering” with the borders of the Republic, and those who take risks with the concept of the state, in favor of ideological projects that disrupt the structure of the Arab countries and destroy their components to implement their expansionist dreams. and when all goals are achieved, they go back to build their barracades and shoot at each other again.

No, gentlemen, the Lebanese is no longer hostage to your speeches because he is now mature enough, and his voice is free to choose without your guardianship and monopoly, and George Orwell’s novel “Animal Farm”, which has been published 77 years ago , must be a lesson for you to learn from, so no one can consider himself the savior, while what Lebanon has reached is the responsibility of the owners of sectarian farms, and they are abundant.

Parliamentary elections began knocking on the offices’ doors of those who occupied the seats in the Parliament building in Nejmeh Square for years, accompanied by great panic, after the alliances were mixed, and people will no longer fooled by the “alliances of necessity” of mosts parties and sects. To you we say, stop undermining the Lebanese potential for change, because your Aura and intimidation have fallen, and so is the “Mr. Johns” you used to frighten them with, because the “Animal Farm” experience has has broken the barrier of fear, and tomorrow is near.
Source : Sawt Beirut International

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