| 3 March 2024, Sunday |

The Diaspora’s high voter turnout gave people hope for change

After the electoral train successfully passed its external stations and recorded a significant increase in the participation rates in this entitlement, attention will turn to its last internal station next Sunday, after which it is expected to start moving towards the expected change path, as a result of the unprecedented and expatriate enthusiasm that became evident as the numbers of voters exceeded all expectations, which gave a certain impetus to the Lebanese that there is a possibility of a major breach in the ranks of the authority, after they were disappointed by the way the lists were formed and calls for boycott by others, in addition to spreading an atmosphere of skepticism that changing the system and following the opposition in order to strike the punitive voice is impossible.

Follow-up political sources confirm to “Sawt Beirut International” that the massive and remarkable turnout in the countries of the diaspora openly calling for change will have positive repercussions on the Lebanese interior, as it gave hesitant voters hope that they can start rebuilding a new, clean political authority, through intense voting, especially by a generation Young people who were forced against their will to emigrate from Lebanon due to the harsh and oppressive conditions, leaving behind a country that has become unable to accommodate their great ambitions.

Therefore, it is remarkable that these young people gave their votes to the lists that include two candidates for change, none of them related to the political system and the ruling class that ruled and controlled their fate and future and led them to the significant deterioration we have reached in all fields, but on the other hand, these sources also indicate that with the registration of some the provocative scenes of some of the expatriates who still vote frantically for the participants in the system and in a blind way, these scenes would also motivate the Lebanese people at home to vote massively to bring down these people who represent corruption, the hegemony of militias and the covering of arms.

The sources consider that the parliamentary elections of this session are very different from all previous elections, due to the exceptional circumstances that affect all citizens without any exception at home and abroad, in light of the rude political system continuing to work to re-market itself instead of recognizing that it has not and will not be able to save the country from what It is floundering with problems and it must sit aside and leave room for new personalities who have the ability and competence and clear rescue programs in order to work to extricate the country from the bottom of Hell.

The political sources drew attention to the great rush that seemed clear to the citizens in expatriate to elect new personalities despite their lack of personal knowledge of them, and this is due to their lack of confidence in all the names associated with the authority, especially since the upcoming Parliament has basic tasks that determine the future of Lebanon from the election of a new parliament speaker and naming a president For the next government and most importantly elect the next President of the Republic.

Hence, the sources fear that the authority may exert pressure on citizens in the upcoming Sunday elections, after the change in the Lebanese electoral mood abroad. Therefore, these sources call on all local and international bodies to monitor the progress of the electoral process and protect candidates and voters at home, and therefore Emphasis on the process of counting the votes and issuing the results.

In sum, what President Michel Aoun asked those present at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when he visited it last Sunday by telling them to “keep quiet”, will not affect the oppressed Lebanese people, who will silence this system through the ballot boxes next Sunday, and surely after that it will not be silenced.


  • Sawt Beirut International