| 28 May 2024, Tuesday |

The future of the Muslim Brotherhood and the relationship with Iran

The German parliament – the country’s highest legislative authority – has approved a package of laws to combat terrorism on German territory. It is a large package that included banning the raising of flags and slogans of the Iranian-backed Hamas movement. Perhaps the interventions of German parliamentarians during the aforementioned ratification session touched on a very important issue in the Middle East, which is the Muslim Brotherhood’s exploitation as a terrorist group of all human events, in order to organize the ranks of extremist gangs, and to resurrect extremist thought from its slumber in a new way.

Following the recent war between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, extremist movements have re-emerged through media and non-media platforms, looking for a place to spread its ideas and its evil poison in the minds of Arab and Muslim youth, taking advantage of these movements and of what is happening in Palestine.

The Muslim Brotherhood – by virtue of being the mother group of all armed radical movements and organizations in the region – masters the issue of playing on emotions and launching a huge number of fake solidarity slogans, and financial donation campaigns through which the pockets of the simple and the rich alike are emptied, in order to finance terrorist projects and sabotage plans in the future.

A distinction must also be made between the Palestinian issue as a people’s cause seeking the establishment of their independent state, and the issue of armed movements claiming to resist the occupation. These armed movements and it relies in its programs on the violent literature of Hassan al-Banna and Sayyid Qutb, and it has agendas that are out of the ordinary, reasonable, and acceptable popularly, politically, as well as religiously. The Arab countries, particularly the Arab Gulf states, should be aware of the danger of confrontation with any armed organization, which sometimes operates in secret, drawing from events here or wars there, the ideas of killing and bombing that are intended to be applied in countries that enjoy peace, stability, growth and development.

What the Gaza Strip is witnessing today, for example, from the intransigence of the Brotherhood Hamas movement towards the file of reconstruction or Palestinian reconciliation and ending the division, is the biggest evidence of the trends of this movement and its leaders who want money only, so that the sector and its residents remain hostages in the Brotherhood’s prison.

It is good to point out here what the moderate Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain have done regarding extremist rhetoric and ending its existence. In addition to the persecution by the relevant judiciary in those countries of all the personalities who support violence and extremism, and drying up the sources of terrorism and the war on its sources of funding, according to the testimony of the United States of America itself.

It is not useful for the situation to get out of control, because the extremists are anxiously awaiting news of the battles, in order to rearrange their cards, regroup their ranks and reunite their followers. They are assisted in this by well-known news channels and platforms, which have been publishing the speeches of terrorist leaders such as Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Hassan Nasrallah and Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Many countries in our Arab world witnessed bad practices by the Muslim Brotherhood and political Islam groups, when the Brotherhood spilled blood and tried to change the face of the region, and they practiced and still practice all forms of terrorism represented by the constant desire to reach the throne at any cost.

  • Sawt Beirut International