| 20 July 2024, Saturday |

The internationally punished one,,, in Lebanon.

Gebran Bassil, who is being punished internationally, and from the US in particular, no matter how much he invites foreign ministers, takes pictures with them and holds seminars, nothing will change his condition, as he is punished and rejected by the text of international law.

Likewise, the move that he is making towards a country that previously hosted Hezbollah, will not alter the political scene and will not break the isolation he is living and which by turn lives in him.

What would be more beneficial for him, if he was rational enough , is to hasten in admitting his failure and dictate to his uncle the lines of his immediate resignation, hoping that this would clear the way for the implementation of the Patriarch Al-Rai’s rescue initiatives.

Perhaps Basil or his uncle, President Aoun, are proud of being a miserable face for Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon, and this is the standard of the powers granted to them according to the Constitution of Haret Hreik, where Hassan Nasrallah drives them as he pleases

And there is always those political scenes that are not mentioned in the media, as Basil entered the stage of political rot as he begged for interviews here and there, and his dream that the Biden administration lifts the sanctions imposed on him by the Trump administration, is like Satan’s dream of paradise.

Furthermore there are those showoffs that had a major role in his political life, the last of which was his dream of presiding over the country, which became known in Lebanon, especially since this issue was his primary concern.

And at this level, which could ultimately lead to a further resounding downfall of Bassil and the Aounist project, exiting through resignation gates will be the honorable political way out, if they have any of it.

In Hezbollah’s republic , Lebanon has turned into a headquarters and corridor for chaos, poverty, hunger, indebtedness, bankruptcy, drug trafficking, and exposing the country of the Cedars to the dirtiest reputation after harming its loved ones.

Since Lebanon is the reference point for education, medicine, and the depository treasury, saving Lebanon is a conscientious duty of the international community, and it is never enough to just say: remove  Iranian ammunition threat of Lebanon , but hard work must be exerted to achieve that.

Lebanon, in which some of the pillars of power are begging at the gates of countries, does not need new deals, because the French deal is the greatest evidence of the failure of the bets of those who want to recycle what most of Lebanon called the causes of crises.

What Lebanon needs to be  pulled  out of the swamps of corruption, favoritism and illegal weapons, is a unified popular position, a clear political position, and Arab and international support that ultimately leads to the departure of the Iranian occupier and its tools in Lebanon so that what these corrupt and militia destroyed can be rebuilt.