| 26 February 2024, Monday |

“The Iranian mullahs’ regime and its Party, have no ‘allies’ in Lebanon.”

How sincere was the late Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir when he said, that the Syrian regime has no allies in Lebanon, but rather agents. Likewise, the Iranian mullahs’ regime and its “Party” do not have allies in Lebanon, but rather agents. And every time a Lebanese official speaks, he proves that this is true, and even confirms it.

After it has been proven by audio, video and irrefutable documents, that Iran’s party used Sana’a International Airport as a military base to launch all kinds of missiles and drones, with the intent of attacking Saudi Arabia. Do we not- as a Lebanese people- have the right to ask, about the status of Rafic Hariri International Airport?!

Najib Mikati, in his press conference, lied balantly to the Lebanese people, when he considered Hezbollah, which it is known and certain that every soldier in it declares his allegiance to Iran and Wilayat al-Faqih, as a Lebanese political party, especially after the Arab coalition revealed and with evidence, the implication of Hezbollah in Yemen and its criminal aggression against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which proves that it is certainly a client and mortgaged of this militia.

Yes, Najib Mikati’s press conference is a response to Saudi Arabia, and an acquittal of Iran’s control of Lebanon. Hence the question that poses itself: Is tht Prime Minister’s stance so weak and emaciated, that he is now defending Iran’s party against its Arab brothers?

Mr. President, trhe ministerial statement, that covers the criminal resistance weapon and bears witness to the conspiracy of the Lebanese state’s ruler against the Arabs in general, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, is the greatest evidence of Iranian control, and indeed of the Iranian occupation of Lebanon with a coverage from the rulers!

Satan’s party has crossed all red lines, first in keeping Lebanon the state away from its Arab and true identity, and dragging it into the quagmire of the Iranian axis, and turning it into a base for evil turbans, to target Arab countries and Saudi Arabia in particular. And enough is enough, how long will the “Iranian Party” remain a thorn in the side of brotherly and friendly countries, and a poisoned dagger in Lebanon’s heart?!

Withdrawing the illegal weapons, is the real defensive strategy that protects Lebanon, and that every free Lebanese wants.

What is important is to preserve the sovereignty of the country, not the presidential seat, nor Najib are able to protect this position, may God have mercy on Riad El Solh, Rashid Karami, Saeb Salam and Rafiq Hariri, and if we dream of stability and peace one day, there is no solution except with international protection in the face of heavily armed terrorist militias .