| 10 May 2021, Monday | النسخة العربية

The largest campaign of misleading Lebanese public opinion

The biggest systematic campaign of falsehood and misleading of the Lebanese is to regard bank smuggling of money from Lebanon as the cause of the crisis. The correct reason is that the cause of the crisis is the cessation of the flow of dollars into the country due to hostile political options to the Arabs and the world. Which lead to emptying  the markets of dollars due to the legal and illegal import, and Hezbollah militia’s control on what is available locally, and at the same time the country’s dependence on the endless destructive Iranian scenario

The scandal of smuggling quantities of drugs of this size through a supposedly legitimate crossing without recording the resignation of the concerned ministers and security officials is a matter that will exacerbate the resentment of the countries affected by this crime.

As for the Baabda palace rhetoric statement issued hours ago, it was absolutely unnecessary . Lebanon the homeland of cedars, has been transformed by these people into the law of jungle, where thieves and gangs run and frolic, and where drugs are placed inside pomegranates and vegetables

The horizon in Lebanon is blocked under the control of the Hezbollah militia. There is no Arab Gulf cooperation, no European initiatives, no loans from donor institutions, no lifting of sanctions, and no possibility for self-economy.

Likewise, there is no restoration of the looted Lebanese money, reforms, oil and gas, and there is no way put except by  facing the Iranian occupation and the overthrow of the governing staff who is seized by Haret Hreik.

It is true that in Lebanon they are playing in “the final countdown”. No one in the world wants to deal with them, listen to them, or fulfill any request they have, for they have lost respect and gained nothing but deaf ears, because of their stupidity, their jealousy, their hyperbole and their ferocity out of ignorance and stupidity.

This is not just fiction, but rather the reality of the ruling authority in Lebanon. The terror of this authority members at all levels has made them outcast, isolated and unacceptable in the Arab or international community.

The former Lebanese Minister of Justice’s statement that “the cameras installed on the southern road by the UNIFIL battalion detected a car and those in it, on the same day of assessing Lokman Slim, turned to belong to Hezbollah, reveals the hidden conspiracy  of the authority with the militias, and how cheap the life of the Lebanese citizen is to the pillars of the authority, so that blood is shed with peace of mind by the Iranian and his agents in Lebanon without fear.

The story does not mislead public opinion in Lebanon only , but it covers the truth as well , in a country that is heading towards the abyss, and those in power are walking behind their interests in of ​​corruption and waste areas.