| 19 April 2024, Friday |

The maneuver margin for Hezbollah militia

The margin of maneuver for Hezbollah militia is narrowing, and its regional calculations oblige it to obstruct Lebanon’s institutions while it follows strict orders from Iran regarding the formation of the government, which will not be released.

Unless Iran permits forming a government, the situation in Lebanon will move from bad to worse. The rapid developments will push the militia to make several changes on the ground and it may resort to a coup at any time.

Following Patriarch Bechara Al-Rahi’s speech, the ruling team fell with the judge’s sermon, and if they really have humanity left, they must immediately step down and voluntarily resign after turning the republic into a jungle of lawless chaos. The presence of the President Michel Aoun and the Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri means the crisis will escalate. So listen to Bkerke and leave in peace, as it is your last chance.

The coming battle for Lebanese will be for thirst. Lebanon, which is the source of water, is threatened today by the scarcity of potable water. All signs indicate that citizens are threatened with sluggish death, and it is the curse of the chair unfortunately. Due to this chair Lebanese are dying from fires, and soon they will die sinking. Lebanon has been destroyed for the sake of Gebran Bassil, who is dreaming to reach the presidency in any way, as if this was his uncle Aoun’s sole goal.

Thanks to the corrupt ruling staff, the people are now under slavery in a torn country. Did the ruling parties ever remember that the country that they are plundering its resources, and pushing its best youth to flee will reach to this situation and ask for direct tutelage from the UN Security Council, as the only option to save Lebanon. This request is an indication that people are tired and angry from this frivolous authority.

As everyone knows, internal solutions in Lebanon do not exist, especially that we cannot bet on the failed officials that brought the country to the stone ages. These officials will never be part of the alleged solution even if a thousand governments are formed in their presence.

Forcing Lebanese to choose between the criminal and the most criminal is in fact, nothing but an absurd political approach by the ruler in Baabda and his main supporter, Hassan Nasrallah, in the southern suburbs.

It would not be upright to talk about the details unless a radical solution is found in Lebanon, which ensures respect for the will of the people, and the removal of every corrupt disguised as the illegal weapon in the hands of Hezbollah militias.

  • Sawt Beirut International