| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

The port is gone.. What about the investigations?

Hezbollah is so eager to disrupt the investigations into the Beirut port explosion and to stop the judicial investigator, after twenty months have passed since the investigations… and today there is no result… It seems that the Lebanese politician is at odds with justice. Could Hezbollah’s anger at Judge Tariq Al-Bitar because of Iran’s involvement be the main reason behind the torpedoing of the investigations?

In the many data, the duo “Amal Movement and Hezbollah” obstruct investigations into the explosion of the port after the International Interpol arrested the Chilean “Moreira”, who accompanied a shipment that revealed Iran’s involvement in the explosion. The Revolutionary Guards shipped nitrates from the Poti port in Georgia to the Beirut port, and this justifies the duo’s “obstinacy” with regard to the investigations.

Neither the convict is behind bars nor the witness is present!

The story began with the President of the Republic’s refusal to sign the judicial formations. With the disclosure that Iran was the one who sent the nitrates to Beirut, where Hezbollah stored them in the port, we entrust the investigations and facts, but with “justice” whoever did not die by the sword died with someone else. Many causes… one death.

Hezbollah continues to obstruct investigations into the Beirut port explosion file. Insolently, the militia, Hassan Nasrallah, allowed Iran to collect nitrates in the port of Beirut in order to test the nuclear industry at the expense of the Lebanese. Therefore, and stubbornly fighting all investigations into the port issue, the questions abounded. Are you the one who obstructs the judicial investigation into the crime of bombing the port of Beirut? And with it changing the forensic investigators one by one? And judicial appointments? How can you turn your eyes off the horror of what your system has reaped?

What is required today is to extricate the investigations from the clutches of the Hezbollah militia and its supporters. Under Hezbollah’s rule and its corrupt system, the Lebanese are paying the price from the port of Beirut to the port of Tripoli, because of the party’s weapons and nitrates, and because of starvation of the Lebanese through its corrupt system.

From the port of Beirut to the port of Tripoli, the criminal is one and well-known. A corrupt state ruled by the Iranian mullahs killed, humiliated and starved its citizens and pushed the poorest of them to board death boats to escape another inevitable death.

  • Sawt Beirut International