| 16 May 2021, Sunday | النسخة العربية

The situation does not indicate a war… what are the reasons?

Taif Accord was an essential period for the end of the Lebanese war. This agreement lacked a popular base that looks to it with a hopeful eye. Moreover, the assassination of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Hariri turned into a national reconciliation and again the probability of war has been eliminated.

The President of the Republic Michel Aoun and Hezbollah militia has objected the Taif Accord in  1989. Hezbollah also objected March 14, and Aoun questioned its unity, and this has made from Taif the sole solution for the country, otherwise the coming will be worse.

Hezbollah’s desire to execute Iran’s demands in Lebanon, has pushed Hassan Nasrallah not only to encourage his allies to destroy the Taif Accord, but the militia worked on destroying it through its illegal weapons that threaten Lebanon’s existence as a state.

Lebanon is the most vital negotiating paper for Iran. But Iran’s officials never treated Lebanon as an independent state. The country is economically exhausted because Iran is dominating it.

Hezbollah’s goal behind Lebanon’s political and economic disruption is to impose the Iranian conditions so Tehran can tell the West: The situation in the country will never improve and recover unless Iran’s sanctions are lifted.

We should not forget that Hezbollah militia is the vital militia for Iran, as it is the oldest established militia, as Iran’s Revolutionary Guards has supervised and trained the militia.

Iran’s success in making Hezbollah the main political component in Lebanon have helped it gain several incentives in several issues, as the party is represented in the Parliament, and has the third block in the government, and dominates the presidency.

In the apparent political corridors, the party aims to support Michel Aoun’s stances, keeping for his ally Nabih Berri a margin to negotiate with the designate Prime Minister, and to convince him that he opposes Aoun and his bloc.

The citizens are the major victims that are bearing the high cost, and the country will not witness a war because Iran does not want that. The Iranian fronts are on fire from Yemen to Syria, to Iraq and Lebanon, because Tehran wants to kill more people and lose more lives.

The news that dominate all media channels is that the government formation will not be facilitated, and the Iranians through the armed party in Lebanon, have the first say, and the rest from Michel Aoun to the designate Prime Minister and other allies are playing the extras role.