| 7 May 2021, Friday | النسخة العربية

The system that has put Lebanon on another planet.

Lebanon needs real change. This real change is not just words, not just slogans, and it is, in fact, an integrated process, which must start with actual steps.

This change, just for the record , will not be achieved by the current corrupt authority in Lebanon, because it is a system that no matter how much it tries to fix what it has corrupted during its ruling era, it will not be able to achieve a single breakthrough.

It is a system that lead to Lebanon’s loss of all kinds of Arabic and gulf support , because of It and as a result of its foreign political choices. Beirut became far from the attention of the Arab decision-maker in the capitals of Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones.

It is a system that has lost and loses every day international confidence, and cannot even be relied upon for change, because the Western and Eastern countries, and the international community as a whole realize that this choir affiliated with the Iranians does not have any new benefits in its package for the people of Lebanon.

These words are a fact true , and as a result, these fact have  always strengthened the role of the Hezbollah militia and its associates who are totally loyal to Iran, and the current corrupt ruling class has spared no effort to serve the Persian project in Lebanon.

And when it is said that nothing will change in Lebanon, rather that Lebanon will go to the worse and beyond hell, as has been preached by Michel Aoun , the only solution is  a visionary government and a rea lone, that believes in the demands of the Lebanese  people,  and works to achieve the sovereignty of Lebanon. And By banning this corrupt system and Hezbollah from being the decision makers Lebanon.

The only remaining hope is for the people of Lebanon, is the abolition of this miserable authority, which is determined on “ going around the bush” solutions, and “patchwork” policy that will not bear fruits.

And Hezbollah’s attempts to float its Christianit “ crane” have ended and will not succeed, especially since the proxy will not replace the original, and Mar Mikhael agreement’s era has changed , and rust will be the fate of the weapons, the Aounists are “using” to intimidate people. These weapons will be returned to its Iranian source.

Resignation of the ruling staff remains the key to any breakthrough in the Lebanese scene. The indicators that Arab and Western newspapers talk about Hezbollah’s new scenario represented by fortifying what it calls its internal structure, is a new suicide scenario

In Lebanon,  people do not wait for foreign agencies to inform them about the plans of Hezbollah, which is preparing for the collapse of the country, for people know that the party’s republic has become a fait accompli and the ruling staff is a complicit partner and its crimes and its failed management of the state crowned by the flavor of corruption and waste of public money by protecting the militia’s arms is an evil evidence for that

Lebanese people Lebanon are under slavery in a burning country, with an  economy that will not recover except by a miracle, and the fictitious power battles over the formation of the government are just a whirlwind in a cup, neither the Lebanese nor the westerns and Arabs believe.