| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

“The Tayyar” and “Amal Movement” .. Maneuvers and open plays.

For the third year in a row, the Lebanese are witnessing the worst economic, social and political crisis in their history, and the most complicated since the establishment of the state of Greater Lebanon, vacillating with almost impossible hopes as long as there is a ruling authority that remains to this day, and despite all the tragedies, the strife and conflict continue, while the people are swaying between the “challenges” of the son-in-law Gebran Bassil and the Shiite duo.

The verbal maneuvers took hold, and the rhetorical escalation “masters” the situation, as a result of the head of Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil’s statement, which included a sharp tone in which he addressed the Presidency of the Parliament, and in reference to the latter’s speech, the response came harsh by members of “Amal Movement,” while the Hezbollah militia was In an unenviable position.

Indeed, as Hezbollah is an ally of both, Gebran Bassil and Nabih Berri, and this is what puts it “conlict” of choosing between the two sides, and what are the costs of both options, and will things go to a greater escalation in the coming period, and what is the fate of the Lebanese in all these disputes?!

Between the discontent of Amal movement’s deputies, and Bassil’s mixed “wit’ through the flirtation addressed to Nasrallah, and the clear slander of Nabih Berri, the Lebanese wonder about their fate suspended between the manipulation of the dollar and the hospital bill, and the result of the investigations of the port explosion, not to mention medicine, electricity, education and others, while the prioroties for the country’s rulers, centers on electoral records and plays of flatter.

It cannot be forgotten that the Lebanese government headed by Najib Mikati has not convened since last October 12, as a result of the refusal of the ministers of Hezbollah and its ally, the Amal movement, to hold any session unless it was dedicated to deciding the fate of the judicial investigator in the case of the explosion of the port of Beirut, Tariq Bitar, and the parliamentary obstruction cannot be forgoten “For the eyes of the son-in-law” regarding the blocking third. Your political plays no longer deceive the oppressed people, and the focus today is on overthrowing the authority from the top of the pyramid to its bottom.

The Lebanese governments have not taken yet any step in the right direction. Under a ruling class that was the problem and led to all these losses, this meager class cannot be the solution. The solution begins with removing this class from the helm of decision-making, and then the search for solutions to the disastrous crises begins.

Between hopes for a governmental miracle that will revive the country, and lack of trust between the Lebanese people and the country’s authorities, all promises and hopes are but futile political maneuvers. As long as the ruling political class remains the same, the country is never expected to witness a solution.