| 19 June 2024, Wednesday |

The worst awaits Lebanese politicians

Despite all the events in Lebanon, and despite the blockage of the political horizon and the disruption of solutions, the prevention of an upcoming government, and the Lebanese authorities’ adherence to Hezbollah’s impossible demands, Lebanon’s politicians are waiting for a “ never seen before” punishments.

The European Union is preparing a number of massive and unprecedented punishments for the political class that is indulging in its humiliation to the people of Lebanon, identical to the absurd Iranian agenda based on the principle of occupation, over powering people with the illegal weapons of Hezbollah militia.

And the American green light to impose these sanctions is justified by President Joe Biden’s administration’s adherence to the sanctions of his predecessor, President Trump, against former minister Gebran Bassil, and the lack of any intention to lift them or even stop their effect.

Hezbollah and its allies in the ruling class in Lebanon have realized that Washington’s indirect negotiations with Iran in Austria will not allow Iran’s terrorist arms in the region, at the forefront of those arms, Hezbollah to continue to tarnish the image of an important country like Lebanon.

The miserable economic situation in Lebanon appears in every international and regional forum, and it cannot be hidden because its repercussions not only affect the citizens, but also affect the structure of the Lebanese entity as an independent and sovereign state.


Even the Arabs, led by the Arab Gulf states, welcome this serious international engagement with Lebanon, and they call on Western countries to take a strict and firm stance on Lebanon’s politicians who are unable to stand up to Hezbollah.

Especially since the evidence of Western engagement, specifically the European one, examines the developments in Lebanon from a clear angle, the basis of which is that devoting to Lebanon needs to “raise the thick stick against the throats of the Idlers.

Bkerke’s national initiative, and respectable stances  such as Bahaa al-Din Hariri’s position, have become internationally accepted and major American and European newspapers write about it, considering this,  a breach in the wall of silence and fear from Hezbollah, and an important raise of reason and logic voices  in order to save Lebanon.

Reuters had quoted European diplomats, that France and the European Union are preparing proposals that may result in an asset freeze and the imposition of travel bans on Lebanese politicians to push them to agree on a government to save the country from an economic collapse.

The war of liberation, the war of abolition, and the war of scrutiny in Lebanon are all wars where there is one phantom hero  and one victim  Michel Aoun, the president of the republic is the alleged and destructive hero, and the people in Lebanon are the victims


And if international criminal law defines war criminals in the world as those who have committed massacres and wars of genocide against peoples, does this description not apply to the rulers of Lebanon who committed the  most horrific political, economic and security massacres against their people