| 16 May 2021, Sunday | النسخة العربية

There is no poor country, there is only a failed system

The above title is not just a saying, but a reality that citizens live in afflicted Lebanon. Lebanon needs real change, and this change cannot come at the hands of the same corrupt political system that brought it to the bottom.

The failed management of the country’s resources is the one that thwarted all attempts to save what was left of Lebanon, and on the basis of quotas, these criminals manage the legacy of the current power and boast of their corruption and their escape from any constitutional entitlement.

Despite the building of Lebanon by Rafik Hariri, may God have mercy on him, and the establishment of a safety net of excellent Arab relations and well-known international relations, the political class that revolves around Iran over the past years has ensured that everything has been sabotaged.

With a quick brainstorming, I come to Bahaa al-Din Hariri’s famous speech: This corrupt authority and the frivolous political system in Lebanon has not accomplished a single project after Rafik Hariri, rather it has not built a single building in the country.

And if the Lebanese are living in the years of Aounist wandering, waiting for the hidden hells of the strong covenant, Hezbollah is flexing its muscles on the hungry people after Iran emptied its package of deals and completes the Austrian section in search of reviving the sinister nuclear agreement with Washington.

So that the slogans and fanatics remain the preserve of the militias and terrorist arms of Tehran in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, and the Iranian will go towards his interests with the West, regardless of the future of the Arab peoples occupied by his militia.

Wise people have said it before: The Lebanese people are the only ones who pay the price for Hezbollah’s internal and external adventures, and that the Lebanese people are the victims who fell in the war fields of an armed group that believes in the survival of its illegal weapons under the pretext of the alleged resistance.

And if there is a solution for Lebanon, then it is necessary to return to the first square of the sovereign demands of all the Lebanese people, for those demands are capable of putting Lebanon’s wheels back into circulation again, and it is the guarantee for making Lebanon a stable country.

The only lever that could bring the Lebanese together to fight the third independence battle and the battle of sovereignty is Bkerke, and any foreign visits by Patriarch Al-Rahi to publicize his initiative at the Arab and international level will be received in the capitals of the decision.

Today, Lebanon is in dire need of statesmen who take the fateful positions seriously. What is required is a comprehensive political confrontation. It is shameful for the Lebanese not to be united in the blood of the political martyrs, or on May 7, or even in the port explosion.

And that their concern is a complete prevention of all those who seek to obtain political gains at the expense of the people’s pain and misfortune. The popular voice calling for freedom must be raised, and so is the banner of the expulsion of the Iranian occupier .