| 1 December 2021, Wednesday |

Those hiding under the shadow of Hassan Nasrallah’s cloak

The parliamentary majority in Lebanon is in the hands of Hezbollah militia, which also runs the government today, and the presidents of both the republic and the parliament, live under the shadow of Hassan Nasrallsh’s cloak, who in turn controls most of the institutions.
Still, the militia leader does not hide his concern about the sovereign opposition against him, and therefore he resorts to the street, and practices terrorism in order to intimidate them. Regarding the possibility of resorting to chaos and sabotage, with the elections approach, those who know say: the matter is possible. The military showoffs that Hezbollah struts about, moving from one region to another, are no longer feasible, and the new data about its dollar margins indicate its unprecedented financial slack. and the blockage of funding sources, especially the illegal ones, which supplied it to finance its security and military activities. Not to mention the deteriorating conditions of its Iranian operator. Hassan Nasrallah wants to get rid of all the ruling institutions in the country.
Hezbollah will continue its wave of escalation internally in the face of those who reject its weapons, and refuse to surrender to its project, and externally against Lebanon’s friendly countries, in a clear effort to hollow out the Republic and starve the people. But his and his Iranian calculations, will not prevail, as some advise him to be prudent rather than reckless.
Even in the Philippines, which was bullied a while ago by Nasrallah’s ally, who aspired Baabda’s ” chair”, Suleiman Franjieh, we find a marine solar energy plant to produce electricity at a rate of 750 megawatts, while in Lebanon, where more than 50 billion dollars were spent on the electricity sector until it reached zero results, there is nothing. So what are you waiting for, you Lebanese citizen, from a country that abolishes the Ministry of Planning and does not have a Ministry for Crisis and Disaster Management, but misery and backwardness, and from a country in which a ministry works only for the benefit of the party leader’s.
Despite the attempts of the Iranian media in Lebanon to push the sons of Ain al-Remmaneh into the trench of immorality and demonization, false attempts of the political police no longer succeed in weaving conspiracies and making accusations, and the secrets of what the militia was preparing will be revealed successively, but the poison cooker eats it alone. As for the Christian partner – the Aounist movement led by Michel Aoun and his son-in-law – in this conspiracy, will soon be exposed
The resignation of Najib Mikati’s government, will make it a caretaker one, as it is today, for it is more like – according to a Lebanese politician’s description – a patient in intensive care who is clinically dying, not to mention dear reader, that it is governed as a government and even a partner in covering the smuggling of wanted persons to appear before the judicial investigator. Get ready for the storm crawling towards it from the desert and let’s see how will it deal with unexpected developments.