| 2 December 2021, Thursday |

Those who control power in Lebanon!

The Iranian regime is the one who controls the parliamentary majority, the government, and the presidency, and most of the employees work for the sake of this regime. So, they will never lose what they have, and the security incidents are part of the job kit.

Hezbollah militia is a military army that Iran ranked among the six Iranian armies in the region, and the illegal activities of these security and military militias are the reason behind Lebanon’s deterioration today and previously and the system has brought Lebanon to the weakest stage of its history. The Lebanese are begging for bread, water, medicine and school books, and they are praying for the state and looking for an opportunity to escape from their homes.

Lebanon is fading away while the system is still going ahead, because its strength is not from popular support, but rather it comes from the enemies of Lebanon, mainly the Persian enemy that uses Hezbollah.

The civil war is not a war between good and evil, and between patriots and agents, for this is how civil strife takes place and rages with good intentions and with a religious cover. It is a bloody expression of the state’s fading with its sovereignty and judiciary, and with the fall of the constitution, law, and military and security institutions, Hezbollah has achieved Iran’s dream of ending Lebanon, and the downfall of the judiciary is a practical declaration to unleash the hand of chaos in Lebanon.

If there was an actual president in Baabda, the call for a national dialogue after the Beirut Port blast and Tayouneh incident would have been a useful matter, and in his absence, would President Berri or Mikati call for a national dialogue? In their absence, will Patriarch Rahi call for an Islamic-Christian summit?

Lebanon is heading towards total chaos, and there are no elections. Lebanon’s entry into chaos is imminent in light of Hezbollah’s insistence on imposing its conditions on the state and the judiciary and the inability of Prime Minister Mikati’s government to achieve any progress. The situation will not be straightened unless President Aoun resigns and a new President will be elected, as President Aoun is a clear ally of an armed militia.

When Iranian officials toured the Shiite villages of Jbeil they used the cars of the Iranian embassy and provided services such as diesel and electric generators, accompanied by cadres from Hezbollah and members of the security and intelligence forces, these are not social services but rather early election campaigns.

Despite everything that happened from the assassination of Prime Minister Hariri to Tayouneh and the port explosion, the majority of Christians still do not dare to demand the resignation of the “Maronite” president. The majority of Muslims deal with Taif Accord selectively, and they want it for the sake of powers and neglect it when they talk about the exclusivity of weapons.