| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Today’s order is “Summon” to the Presidential Palace

The Lebanese citizens expected from the President of the Republic Michel Aoun in his appearance yesterday to propose a solution for the catastrophic political and economic situation the country have reached, as the majority of citizens are living under extreme poverty and destitution. But surprisingly Aoun’s speech was targeting the “third presidency”.

An observer source told “Sawt Beirut International” that the President’s speech seemed that it is addressing the Lebanese, but in fact the speech was to summon the “third presidency” to attend the Baabda Palace for interrogation.

The source added that President Aoun has realized that his alliance “Hezbollah” is losing its main pillars, especially in Syria. This has been clearly noticed through Russia’s invitation to “Hezbollah” to Moscow and the way the delegation has arrived via a bus at the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry.  This visit is considered an announcement rather than a negotiation, and therefore, there is fundamental changes  happening in the region.

In this regard, the source goes back in memory to the ” Champagne Night”, when General Michel Aoun took over running the country through a military government that has been refused internally and globally. This scenario cannot be repeated nowadays because “fighting with kitchen knives”, Aoun’s famous phrase, cannot be applied in this era.

General Aoun is no longer the head of a military government, but he is the President of this Republic. Therefore, he cannot address the Prime Minister through a television speech, because it is not the right time to exchange accusations in light of the disastrous economic situation and the huge depreciation of the Lebanese pound against the dollar.

The source added that it is not the optimal time to set specific preferences. This was obvious when he addressed the designated Prime Minister by inviting him to immediately initiate one of the two available options, for silence is no longer beneficial.”

According to the source, the President’s speech didn’t bring any hope to the Lebanese, but rather the fear from the unknown. Thus, the President returned himself to the era of 1988-1989 and to the “Presidential Palace” but this equation have expired as the players have changed. The role of Syria and Hafez al-Assad’s have reached to its end, and the solution will derive from other parties.

On the internal level, the source notes that President Aoun’s speech and the “summon” request that he announced from his presidential office may not be perceived even among his allies. The mandate of the designated Prime Minister, whoever he is, cannot be terminated.

Lebanese citizens will remain hostages, and will wait for someone who can rescue them from these ruling parties. So, is there any savior in the short term?

  • Sawt Beirut International