| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Washington separates between nuclear negotiations and targeting Iran in Syria

The harsh Israeli strikes against Iranian targets inside Syria, as well as targets belonging to Hezbollah’s weapons there, continue, despite the continuation of the US-Iranian negotiations on the nuclear file. And despite the US administration’s focus, on the need to return to the agreement before the midterm elections in Congress on the eighth of next November. What does this mean to strike Iran in Syria at this time?

An informed diplomatic source told “Sawt Beirut International” that Israel’s security is an integral part of American national security, so the administration allows Israel to protect its security in the place and time it deems appropriate. Hence, the US policy towards Iran and the region is calculated by the administration “on the piece”. It is negotiating in one place and striking the same party when necessary in another place, in reference to the complete separation between negotiation on the one hand and military targeting on the other.

The source points out that the goal of the negotiations for the Americans is to prevent Iran from acquiring the nuclear bomb now, and to delay it for two years from its possession. The nuclear agreement is linked to the American elections, and at this time, there are a lot of Israeli visits to Washington from the national security official to the defense minister, to the head of the Mossad, and others who will attend it later, which means that preparations are being prepared before the signing of the nuclear agreement.

The administration may be avoiding procrastination in reaching the agreement and wants it as quickly as possible to ensure it is reached before the Republicans become a majority in Congress after two months, especially since the administration currently cannot guarantee that successive administrations will continue with the expected nuclear agreement. But if the agreement is passed, the administration will have achieved an achievement. Now Iran wants to wrap up the investigation of enrichment that will be carried out by the International Atomic Agency. However, at this time of negotiation, Washington continues to impose retribution on Iran for its actions that undermine the security of the region, especially the security of Israel.

The source wonders how this will affect the Lebanese presidential file, the Syrian situation, and the situation in Iraq. The strikes against Iran in Syria indicate the Iranian path and the imminent receding of the wave of Iranian expansion in the Arab world and a return to some realism related to influence. Syria, according to the Americans, is outside the nuclear agreement that is being negotiated, which means, according to the source, that Syria is the price for Washington and Riyadh’s approval of the nuclear agreement and is not a consolation prize for Iran in exchange for the agreement. Will this apply to the Lebanon file? The picture is not clear, and its clarification requires monitoring the American dealings with the presidential file.


  • Sawt Beirut International