| 26 February 2024, Monday |

Welcome to Bassil’s planet… broad imagination and limited horizon

Let the Lebanese pound tumble against the dollar and lose 100 percent of its value. Do not care about the shortage of gasoline, medicine and food, and don’t pay any attention to “the citizen’s anger, the Lebanese Army’s complains, the state losing its authority, and its transformation into an enemy to its citizens.” Don’t follow the bad and catastrophic news, and there is no reason for panic, as the Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, Gebran Bassil, presented a comprehensive solution to the Lebanese crisis.

The solution submitted by Bassil will be able to secure 24/24 hours electricity, and will lead to establishing new railway networks for trains and developing new airports as well as expanding the current airport!

The scenario presented by Bassil is similar to a “science fiction” movie. He appeared in a “long Sunday film” titled “Rigidity, resilience, and production”. Bassil was the star who played iconic movie role and occupied the television screens in the morning and evening. He offered plenty of ideas to enlighten and enrich the mind of the Lebanese from a political, economic, financial and diplomatic aspect. He enlightened their path to fortify identity, sovereignty, and the constitution, and boost the culture of peace, achieve the entity’s balance, protect Lebanon, and establish a civil state. He finally set a catalogue to apply reforms and combat corruption, only to tell the audience that he is on the screen.

Instead of putting efforts to form a government and reach a solution to overcome the crisis, politicians are competing to hold press conferences and make stances in an attempt to cover up their responsibility for keeping the country without a government. The situation slopes to the bottom, and international warnings has been raised several times showing the negative consequences and the high risk of a country without government. While people feel that they are left to their destiny amid the collapse of the Lebanese pound against dollar, they don’t find anyone who can reassure them about their present and future, and this leads them to ask: “Are the officials’ differences more important than the unity and stability of the country? Is it acceptable that these differences, regardless of their nature and size, let the country slope towards an explosion?

In the last week, and before easing the lockdown procedures, matters almost became more confused,  and problems became more difficult to address, amid indications of a permanent blockage in treatment, and further collapse in the value of the Lebanese pound against dollar, that exceeded 12,500 pounds, between Saturday evening and Sunday morning. When the exchange rate of Lebanese pound against dollar reached 10,000 LBP, the President Michel Aoun held a meeting in Baabda to address the security and financial situation, and decided to pursue exchange dealers and electronic platforms. Since that dollar disappeared from the legitimate markets, to enter the darkness of electronic operations, or black bags, that apart from dollars, sell fear and terror to the Lebanese, and more to come in the future.

  • Sawt Beirut International