| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Welcome to Wilayat Al Faqih, where Hezbollah exemplifies his terrorism by kidnapping a journalist!

Hezbollah’s acts clearly show why it should be classified as a terrorist group. This ostensibly rebel party has devolved into a gang or group that has perfected the art of illicit activity.

Drugs, money laundering through the importation of Captagon and pomegranates, fuel and currency smuggling, punishing anyone who dares to disagree with his policies, and the most recent “event”: kidnapping journalists.

In the absence of authority, Hezbollah doesn’t miss a chance to undermine Lebanon’s reputation, because the party’s Secretary-General is “the decision-maker” who manages the country’s and people’s affairs.

The Southern Suburb of Beirut, a well-known zone governed by Hezbollah’s Law, the Law of the Jungle, a hidden area that the state doesn’t have access to.

One of the latest updates of Hezbollah’s accomplishments, is the kidnaping of the British reporter Matthew Kinston, who was accompanied by German journalist Stella Meiner, while they were covering the fuel crisis at a well-known station on the road to Rafic Hariri International Airport, demonstrating the newness of its terrorism. The reporter’s phone and passport were confiscated, according to Anna-Maria Luca, the website’s Editor-in-Chief.

It was revealed that Kinston has sent a voice note to one of his colleagues before his phone was stolen, in which one of the kidnappers said : “I can forcibly remove your phone!” And then, the British reporter’s contact was lost.

The question is, who delegated Hezbollah to carry out actions on behalf of the state? What kind of resistance group kidnaps journalists and holds them captive in dark basements to question them? Why does Hezbollah dread journalists so much that he forbids them from shooting in his “safe zones”? Or that he’s storing more ammonia, drugs, and stolen cars there?

Obviously, it will be quite easy for whoever carried out the assassinations and killed Rafik Hariri to establish his mandate in Beirut and define it as an Islamic state affiliated with Supreme Leader Khamenei.

  • Sawt Beirut International