| 5 December 2022, Monday |

Western concern about Iran’s failure to respond to Saudi constants about presidency

Western diplomatic sources in Beirut are worried that Iran and its ally “Hezbollah” might not respond to the constants that Riyadh considers essential in choosing a new president in Lebanon. Therefore, the fear always remains that there will be a vacuum in the presidency in case Iran does not give a green light to move forward with a president who possesses real sovereign specifications, and rescues the political and economic situation that Lebanon is suffering from.
The Iranian green light depends on negotiating the nuclear program with the United States, as well as on the results of the regional dialogue between Riyadh and Tehran.

The sources told “Sawt Beirut International” that stances of each of the countries interested in the Lebanese affairs, especially the presidential one, are as follows:
– The United States is currently leaving the space for France to intervene, although it has a clear picture of the candidates who have its support, but it will not reveal its cards now
– France is trying to cooperate with the parties on the Lebanese arena in order to produce a consensual president who can get Lebanon out of its crisis, and has openness to all parties without provoking any one, and is able to cooperate with the International Monetary Fund and implement the reforms it requires to save the Lebanese situation, and he can gather all the Lebanese forces. However, according to the sources, France does not have a specific candidate or a specific name to which it adheres, but rather has the mentioned specifications.

-Iran, which clings to all its cards in the Lebanese file, seeks a president who is compatible with its policy and influence in Lebanon, and will maintain its strictness in this position until an international settlement is reached with it on the presidency. It is not yet clear if Lebanon has returned as an international priority or yet, to top the international debate with Iran. But there is no doubt about it that France has diplomatic contacts with Tehran in this regard, which have not yet matured. It also has contacts with Hezbollah about the next stage and what is required to elect a new president within the constitutional deadline.

With regard to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it has set its constants, which is a sovereign president of the republic, with a sovereign government in addition to focusing on the implementation of the “Taif Agreement” and the implementation of international resolutions on Lebanon.

So far, the Lebanese file is not the focus of Riyadh’s negotiation with Tehran, and Riyadh does not deal with it as a card, but Riyadh is strongly present in influencing the Lebanese situation, and it will not accept giving up its principles in this regard.

As far as Russia is concerned, according to the sources, it is preoccupied with its war on Ukraine, and does not consider the Lebanese file a priority, but it sympathizes with the stance of its ally Iran, although it says that the presidential election is Lebanese and supports reaching a consensus.

  • Sawt Beirut International