| 16 May 2021, Sunday | النسخة العربية

Western diplomatic source to “Sawt Beirut International”: Hale addresses firm and decisive words to Officials

Western diplomatic sources told “Sawt Beirut International” that Hale conveyed to Lebanese officials a firm and decisive message from the American Administration that the time has come to form a government, and held them accountable for the formation of the government. He also told them that the US administration has noticed that all their negotiations and movements went in vain. He also conveyed the administration’s position which stipulates that in the event that officials aren’t able to agree on forming a government at this difficult and delicate stage, how can they agree on the next stage, a stage where Lebanon is expected to make major decisions to save the country on the economic and financial levels? Hale will urge these officials to make concessions for the best interest of the government.

On one hand, sources explained that Hale came specially to Lebanon in order to put pressure for the formation of the government, because this matter is an American priority with regard to the Lebanon case, and that Hale will only visit Lebanon, and he will not visit any country in the region, nor will he have a tour there. The Administration has delegated him to visit Lebanon because he had served as an Ambassador and diplomat in Lebanon twice, as Lebanon has a particular significance for him. Not to mention that he has become an expert in Lebanese affairs, and believes that he can make a difference and leave an impact since he has already built Lebanese friendships.

Hale expressed the administration’s attitude towards the latter, noting that in the event that the Lebanese did not form the government, no one would do so on their behalf, and whenever the formation was delayed, opportunities for salvation would be lost, especially since Lebanon is on the verge of collapse.

The U.S.  Administration advises Lebanon that it is not necessary to rely on nuclear negotiations between the United States and Iran, but rather that officials in Lebanon should do whatever they deem convenient in order to save their country.

On the other hand, sources stressed that the latter regarding borders is not the cornerstone of Hale’s visit, although the U.S. administration affirmed that any issuance of an amendment to Decree No. 6433 is not an affirmative measure. The US asks why the attitude of Lebanon during the negotiations was changed, which means that officials aren’t taking negotiations seriously. Washington is just an mediator that is not responsible of resolving matters, and is now awaiting Israel’s opinion. However, the Administration believes that such a modification in maps and in the situation are not in the best interest of Lebanon. It was as well revealed that Washington considers that Lebanon has an opportunity to improve its financial situation through the extraction of oil and gas, and if it misses the opportunity, no one knows what the alternative opportunity would be.

Lebanon was notified of the U.S. Administration’s attitude.

At last but not least, Hale informed the officials that all U.S. aid granted to Lebanon will continue, and that there will be no amendment in it, especially regarding the aid granted to the Lebanese army, which is essential, and those related to humanitarian affairs, stressing that the Administration will stick to granting aid even if it will be subject to pressures put by Congress.