| 15 April 2024, Monday |

What did Bassil receive in return for “selling” Judge Bitar?

There is speculation  regarding a Hezbollah-marketed bargain in Ain Al Tineh markets in which MP Gebran Bassil agrees to “sell” the Judicial investigator in Beirut Port Blast, Judge Tarek Bitar, in return for approving the “Megacenter” and electing 6 deputies instead of 128.

Bassil is well-known for mastering the art of “buying” and “selling” in the political lanes, as he knits agreements on electric ships and also completed transactions with former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, with Nader Hariri serving as the godfather of these deals.

In this context, opposition parliamentary sources warned of the dubious transaction through Sawt Beirut International and hoped that it would never be implemented, since it exposes Lebanon to numerous dangers.

“Bassil is used to deals, and if this news is true, the covenant will have hammered literally everything of the judiciary, and in this case, President Michel Aoun must not accept this deal, as he must restrain his son-in-law, who has begun to strike the existing balances in the country, and he must realize at some points that not all dreams do come true, especially the dreams built at the expense of the population and the nation,” the sources added.

According to the sources, removing Judge Bitar means facing the world community and undermining the relatives of the martyrs’ right to hear the truth about the port blast.

Sources emphasized that the country would not be thrown into danger in order to “satisfy” Basil, and the bargain that is being discussed worsens Lebanon’s crisis.

According to the reports, Bassil abandoned Bitar “Bassil sold both Lebanon and the constitution. All he cares about are his personal interests and the outcome of the elections, which, no matter what, won’t fulfill his desires. Bassil’s popularity has dwindled, and if Berri accepts this bargain, it will deteriorate even more this time.”

Hezbollah is at present living a dilemma, a state of uncertainty among its allies because he wants to strengthen the Marada movement Head, Sleiman Frangieh, in order to nominate him for the presidency, as well as Bassil, who has become a weak ally. This matter does not suit the party because it separates him from the Christian cover, and thus the party will invest more efforts for this deal to succeed. However, for such a deal to succeed, Berri shall approve Bassil’s offer,” sources concluded.

  • Sawt Beirut International