| 17 September 2021, Friday |

What did Hezbollah do with the Lebanese woman?

In a general context, Hezbollah considers itself a significant division within the Iranian arms and militias in the region. Therefore, the militia will not blame Tehran for its bad practices towards societies, especially towards women who were celebrating their International day this week.

So what did Hezbollah do to women in Lebanon? This party governs Lebanon as a de facto authority under the Iranian occupier. Lebanese women heavily bear the cost and consequences of Hezbollah’s crimes against the country.

First: Hezbollah incriminated women, when he killed her or her husband, son, brother or father, especially when we go back to the previous period when Hezbollah, following an Iranian command, executed several political assassinations, starting from assassinating martyr Rafik Hariri, until this day.

Second: The Lebanese woman whom Hezbollah has brainwashed her husband, son, brother, fathers and sent them as well to fight for the sake of the Syrians. Didn’t Hezbollah incriminate her? Yes it did.  I will not delve more into Hezbollah’s crimes by order of the Wilayat al-Faqih against Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni women, as the party is a main supporter and partner in the countries that witnessed such practices.

Third: The Lebanese woman who went out in demonstrations across all regions, and were subject to the party’s abuses. When Hezbollah’s thugs abuse women during incidents documented with photos and videos, isn’t it criminalizing her right? The answer is definitely yes.

Fourth: The Lebanese woman can’t afford food for their children, as a result of the party’s crimes and sanctions it brought on Lebanon, as well as the ammonium nitrate that they brought and lead to Port of Beirut blast. Does this woman have the right to raise her voice and ask for her rights in her homeland against Iran’s agents in Lebanon Hezbollah?

Fifth: The Lebanese woman who bids farewell to her beloved ones as they immigrate their homeland after it became a warehouse of Iranian weapons and an arena for Hezbollah’s battles; she is also a victim due to Hezbollah’s terror.

Sixth: Luqman Salim’s wife, mother, and sister, as well as dozens of women like them, are also Hezbollah’s  victims, which killed, concealed, and destroyed a lot of them.

Lebanon flounces with its women, men and people who are dying and starving because of the illegalized arm system, and due to corruption practices which is protected by Hezbollah. But at the end citizens will be able to return back their rights.

The corrupt system, led by the Iranian Hezbollah and it leader Hassan Nasrallah, will be held accountable for leading the country to its  current economic, political, and social conditions.