| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

What does Bassil want?

If we observe closely the Head of the “Free Patriotic Movement” MP Gebran Bassil’s  behavior, we notice that he is confused and volatile. He presents attractive and broad headlines, but in fact his demands reflect his selfishness and his ego, as Bassil neither have a friend nor a relative.

Bassil is greedy, especially when it comes to positions, gains, favoritism, and ministerial shares. He wants to take everything without losing or wavering anything.

In this context, parliamentary sources told Sawt Beirut International (SBI) that Bassil benefited to a large extent from Michel Aoun’s presence in the presidency. He had went further by pushing Aoun to defend his personal and malicious ambitions.

Sources indicated that Bassil was the sole one who offended the position of the presidency, by ignoring Aoun’s decisions and imposing his desires instead. In addition to that Bassil has excluded Aoun’s advisers, and replaced them with others close to him, under the pretext of “the era requires that.”

The same sources said that Bassil does not pay attention to any colleague, friend, an ally, or an opponent. The priority is for his personal interests, benefits, and earnings that help him achieve his ambitions. Sources added: “Bassil is putting impossible conditions to obstruct the government formation.” This is due to two reasons:

The first reason is because Nabih Berri is the person behind the initiative, and Bassil does not adopt any initiative not coming  from Baabda’s corridors, which he personally supervises, or he doesn’t take an initiative that does not take into account the requirements of his presidential battle.

The second reason is attributed to Bassil’s fears of forming a government that does not take into consideration the benefits he wants or the required shares. As the perspective government will supervise the upcoming parliamentary elections, and this means for Basil that any unexpected results of the elections will overthrow his presidential dreams. Basil is aware about this and aims to thwart any attempt that does not guarantee the electoral results in advance.

Sources confirmed that Bassil has conducted surveys through specialized statistics companies, and the result was contradicting to his desires. Bassil and his party have lost a lot since Aoun’s arrival to the Presidential palace. The revolution have also impacted his party’s popularity. In addition to the behavior of the FPM’s ministers mainly in the Ministry of Energy, which have put a black mark on the ministers’ journey.

  • Sawt Beirut International