| 1 October 2022, Saturday |

What does Nasrallah know about Beirut?

What does Hassan Nasrallah know about that beautiful and rebellious city, the charming capital? What does he know about “Paris of the East”, and its nightlife, about its streets and coastline from Hamra to Raouche, about its women and men? Inevitably nothing, for he is only aware of the culture of death and betrayal, and has more knowledgeable in the corridors of obedience and employment. Nothing more, nor less.

It is not through terrorism and the culture of death and blood, homelands can be built…

As long as the Iranian militia in Lebanon controls the country, and controls the judiciary and all state institutions, Lebanon will not return as the world knew it, and will remain on the path of the abyss from security to economic to political destruction, until there will be no more Lebanon that the world knew.

Meanwhile, the main confrontation with Hezbollah remains deeper than the current Lebanese situation. It is a sovereign confrontation, whose title is Lebanon’s freedom, its independent decision, and the prevention of linking it to the Khomeinist project. It is a confrontation between the culture of life in all its aspects, and the culture of extremism that has no depth. , and an ideology imported from outside the borders in both form and content.

It is the mother of all battles.

Either to retrieve the history, heritage and diversity of Beirut with its people and colors, and to distinguish it with its culture and openness, or to teach it the culture of death and terrorism, as desired by the terrorist Hezbollah militia and its guide.
There are only two cultures in Lebanon, the culture of death for the sake of Iran, and the culture of life for the sake of Lebanon and the impossibility of coexisting between them becomes clear on daily basis. So, where are we now from Lebanon that was created to live with the “Angels of life,” and not to be ruled by the “Monster of death” and its operators?

  • Sawt Beirut International